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High altitude occurrence of Auger electrons in the Martian upper atmosphere during solar flares

The Effects of Solar Wind Dynamic Pressure on the Structure of the Topside Ionosphere of Mars.

Long‐Lasting Latitudinal Four‐Peak Structure in the Nighttime Ionosphere Observed by the Swarm Constellation

Low-Energy (<keV) O + Ion Outflow Directly Into the Inner Magnetosphere: Van Allen Probes Observations

Dawn/dusk asymmetry of the Martian UltraViolet terminator observed through suprathermal electron depletions

On the response of Martian Ionosphere to the Passage of a Corotating Interaction Region: MAVEN Observations

Evidence for low density holes in Jupiter’s ionosphere

Swarm field-aligned currents during a severe magnetic storm of September 2017

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Nightside Ionosphere 밤의 전리층

Nightside Ionosphere 밤의 전리층
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