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Neutron Radiation sentence examples within Fast Neutron Radiation

Characterization of gamma-ray and neutron radiation absorption properties of synthesized quinoline derivatives and their genotoxic potential

Effects of Benzyladenine on in vitro ‘Hom Rangsi’ Rice and Induction of Aluminum Acid Tolerance Lines by Gamma Irradiation

Neutron Radiation sentence examples within Thermal Neutron Radiation

Effects of thermal neutron radiation on a hardware-implemented machine learning algorithm

Significant Degradation of AlGaN/GaN High-Electron Mobility Transistors With Fast and Thermal Neutron Irradiation

Neutron Radiation sentence examples within High Neutron Radiation

Radiation Resistance of High-Voltage Silicon and 4H-SiC Power p-i-n Diodes

Numerical simulations of 3D magnetohydrodynamic flows in dual-coolant lead lithium blankets

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Neutron Radiation sentence examples within Secondary Neutron Radiation

A comprehensive Monte Carlo study of out-of-field secondary neutron spectra in a scanned-beam proton therapy gantry room.

Gamma Radiation in the Vicinity of the Entrance to Linac Radiotherapy Room

Neutron Radiation sentence examples within neutron radiation shielding

Structural, physical and radiation attenuation properties of tungsten doped zinc borate glasses

A Critical Assessment of the Processing Parameters Yielding an Optimum Combination of Mechanical Properties in Cast Al-B4C Composites

Neutron Radiation sentence examples within neutron radiation field

Certification of a Specialized Source of Gamma Radiation Spatially Combined with a Model Reference Neutron Radiation Field

Lineal energy calibration of a mini-TEPC via the proton-edge technique

Neutron Radiation sentence examples within neutron radiation environment

The neutron cross section of barite-enriched concrete for radioprotection shielding in the range 1 meV–1 keV

Radiation Resistance of High-Voltage Silicon and 4H-SiC Power p-i-n Diodes

Neutron Radiation sentence examples within neutron radiation testing

Investigating How Software Characteristics Impact the Effectiveness of Automated Software Fault Tolerance

Selective Hardening for Neural Networks in FPGAs

Neutron Radiation sentence examples within neutron radiation experiment

Single particle transient response and displacement damage in CMOS image sensors induced by high energy neutrons at Back-n in CSNS facility

Analysis of neutron sensitivity and data-flow error detection in ARM microprocessors using NEON SIMD extensions

Neutron Radiation sentence examples within neutron radiation protection

Structural and nuclear shielding qualities of B2O3–PbO–Li2O glass system with different Ag2O substitution ratios

Neutron spectrum unfolding based on generalized regression neural networks for neutron fluence and neutron ambient dose equivalent estimations.

Neutron Radiation sentence examples within neutron radiation remain

DNA damage response of haematopoietic stem and progenitor cells to high-LET neutron irradiation

DNA Damage Response of Haematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells to High-LET Neutron Irradiation

Neutron Radiation sentence examples within neutron radiation level

Acute, Low-Dose Neutron Exposures Adversely Impact Central Nervous System Function

Electrolytic co-deposition neutron production measured by bubble detectors

Neutron Radiation sentence examples within neutron radiation hardnes

Radiation damage and abnormal photoluminescence enhancement of multilayer MoS2under neutron irradiation.

Neutron radiation hardness of aluminum gallium nitride UV LEDs at various wavelengths.

Neutron Radiation sentence examples within neutron radiation damage

Neutronic analyses of port impact on blankets and superconducting coils of CFETR

Neutron irradiation effects in different tungsten microstructures

Neutron Radiation sentence examples within neutron radiation effect

Fast neutron irradiation effects on AlGaN deep ultraviolet light emitting diodes

Distributed Fiber Sensors With High Spatial Resolution in Extreme Radiation Environments in Nuclear Reactor Cores

Coupled Thermomechanical Responses of Zirconium Alloy System Claddings under Neutron Irradiation

Production of ultra-dense hydrogen H(0): A novel nuclear fuel

Neutron-Induced, Single-Event Effects on Neuromorphic Event-Based Vision Sensor: A First Step and Tools to Space Applications

Development of measurement methods and dose evaluating algorithms for electronic personal dosimeter

Pembuatan Bahan Shielding Radiasi Neutron Berbahan Serbuk Kayu dengan variaasi kandungan Boraks

Gamma, neutron, and charged-particles shielding properties of tellurite glass system containing Sb2O3 and V2O5

Certification of a specialized source of gamma radiation spatially combined with modeling reference field of neutron radiation

A Study on Cooling System of HTS Quadrupole Magnets for Heavy Ion Accelerator

Study of the magnetization work of RPV steel in dependence on neutron irradiation

Neutron scattering in studies of Fe-based functional alloys (Fe–Ga, Fe–Al)

Comparison of Thermal Neutron and Hard X-ray Dark-Field Tomography

Optimization of composition of liquid organic scintillators for fast neutron spectrometry

Thermal and compressional behavior of the natural borate kurnakovite, MgB3O3(OH)5·5H2O

The Use of Polycarbonate as Dosimeter of High Doses

Ensuring the accuracy of neutron radiation measurements

The Effects of TeO2 on Polarizability, Optical Transmission, and Photon/Neutron Attenuation Properties of Boro-Zinc-Tellurite Glasses

Dead time corrections for Bonner sphere measurements of secondary neutrons at a proton therapy facility

Oral Thermoluminescent Neutron Dosimeter for Emergency Exposure Conditions

Low activation materials of transport packaging sets

Growth and optical caracteristics of the CsI:Li scintillator crystal for use as radiation detector

Application of the Reduced-Fitting Method to determine neutron scattering

Simulation of the cement measurement based on the pulse DT neutron generator: A Monte Carlo study

Digital Multi-Channel analyzer for detection and analysis of radiation in nuclear spectroscopy

Effects of neutron radiation on Nrf2-regulated antioxidant defense systems in rat lens

Experimental gamma-ray attenuation and theoretical optimization of barite concrete mixtures with nanomaterials against neutrons and gamma rays

Photodiodes, phototransistors and solar cells behaviour in environment with gamma and neutron radiation: literature review and experiments


Selection of shielding materials for gamma/X-ray and neutron radiations among the commonly used polymers

Neutron and gamma radiation shielding properties of high-temperature-resistant heavy concretes including chromite and wolframite

Comments on “New Concerns for Neurocognitive Function during Deep Space Exposures to Chronic, Low Dose Rate, Neutron Radiation”

Damage evolution in VARTM-based carbon fiber vinyl ester marine composites and sea water effects

An extensive investigation on gamma-ray and neutron attenuation parameters of cobalt oxide and nickel oxide substituted bioactive glasses

A century after the Braggs – on locating and refining H-atoms using X-rays and neutrons

EPDM Rubber with hexagonal Boron Nitride: A Thermal Neutron Shielding Composite

Research on design of seed irradiation device based on 252Cf fission neutron source