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Neuroligin1 Contributes to Neuropathic Pain by Promoting Phosphorylation of Cofilin in Excitatory Neurons

Kiss1 is differentially regulated in male and female mice by the homeodomain transcription factor VAX1

Cannabinoid CB1 receptor in dorsal telencephalic glutamatergic neurons drives overconsumption of palatable food and obesity

The CACNA1A Mutant Disrupts Lysosome Calcium Homeostasis in Cerebellar Neurons and the Resulting Endo-Lysosomal Fusion Defect Can be Improved by Calcium Modulation.

Macrophage as a Peripheral Pain Regulator

Deletion of growth hormone receptor in hypothalamic neurons affects the adaptation capacity to aerobic exercise

Hypothalamic dopamine neurons motivate mating through persistent cAMP signalling.

GABA from vasopressin neurons regulates the time at which suprachiasmatic nucleus molecular clocks enable circadian behavior

Vagal neuron expression of the microbiota-derived metabolite receptor, free fatty acid receptor (FFAR3), is necessary for normal feeding behavior.

Growth hormone/STAT5 signaling in proopiomelanocortin neurons regulates glucoprivic hyperphagia

Orexin- and MCH-Neurons Double-Ablated Mice Display Severe Sleep Attacks and Cataplexy

Disruption of Transient SERT Expression in Thalamic Glutamatergic Neurons Alters Trajectory of Postnatal Interneuron Development in the Mouse Cortex.

mGlu5 in GABAergic neurons modulates spontaneous and psychostimulant-induced locomotor activity

Drosophila Mon1 constitutes a novel node in the brain-gonad axis that is essential for female germline maturation

Lysophosphatidic Acid and Glutamatergic Transmission

The Anti-Tumor Agent Sodium Selenate Decreases Methylated PP2A, Increases GSK3βY216 Phosphorylation, Including Tau Disease Epitopes and Reduces Neuronal Excitability in SHSY-5Y Neurons

Muscle-derived Dpp regulates feeding initiation via endocrine modulation of brain dopamine biosynthesis.

STAT5 ablation in AgRP neurons increases female adiposity and blunts food restriction adaptations.

N-Cadherin Orchestrates Self-Organization of Neurons within a Columnar Unit in the Drosophila Medulla

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Neurons Regulates 뉴런이 조절

Neurons Regulates 뉴런이 조절
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