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Chronotype changes with age; seven-year follow-up from the Netherlands study of depression and anxiety cohort

Comparative outcomes in electroconvulsive therapy (ECT): A naturalistic comparison between outcomes in psychosis, mania, depression, psychotic depression and catatonia

Effectiveness of 2-year treatment with aripiprazole long-acting injectable and comparison with paliperidone palmitate

Association Between the A118G Polymorphism of the OPRM1 Gene and Suicidal Depression in a Large Cohort of Outpatients with Depression

Characteristics and treatment outcome of suicidal depression: Two large naturalistic cohorts of depressed outpatients.

The relationship between polypharmacy and trajectories of cognitive decline in people with dementia: A large representative cohort study

Folsäure- und Vitamin-B12-Bestimmung in der Diagnostik kognitiver Störungen

[Folic acid and vitamin B12 determination in the assessment of cognitive disorders : Overview and data analysis from a university outpatient memory clinic].

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Naturalistic Cohort 자연주의 집단

Naturalistic Cohort 자연주의 집단
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