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Scattered Memories of Difficult History and Museum Pedagogies of Disruption

Atlantic History and Other Approaches to Early Modern Empires : a Conversation with Jack P. Greene

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“Order, Convenience, and Beauty”: The Style, Space, and Multiple Narratives of San Felipe Courts

Challenges for Creating Visibility of European Cultural Heritage

National Narratives sentence examples within Within National Narratives

Slavery in Secondary History Textbooks from the United States and Brazil

Immigration and the city: between state planning and residents’ practices and representations

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From Legacy to Memory: Reckoning with Racial Violence at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice

Gender and Migrant Roles in Italian Neorealist and New Migrant Films: Cinema as an Apparatus of Reconfiguration of National Identity and ‘Otherness’

Discourse on nationalism in colonial period of Korea

Histórias entrelaçadas e territórios sobrepostos

Race-ing Fargo: Refugees, Citizenship, and the Transformation of Small Cities

Migrant Cosmopolitanism in Emirati and Saudi Cities: Practices and Belonging in Exclusionary Contexts

Narrative Building for Comprehensive National Security of Pakistan

Pocahontas and Settler Memory in the Appalachian West and South

Guerrillas and Fish in Uganda

A Muslim Dualism? Inter-Imperial History and Austria-Hungary in Ottoman Thought, 1867–1921

Entrepreneurs of the National Past: The Discourse of Ethnic Indigeneity and Indigenous Cultural Writing in China

News media representation on EU immigration before Brexit: the ‘Euro-Ripper’ case

Feminist foreign policies (FFPs) as strategic narratives: Norm translation in Sweden, Canada, France, and Mexico


Banal and everyday nationalisms in children’s mundane and institutional lives

Remembering Okei (1852–1871): Daughter of Aizu, Pioneer of Gold Hill

Narratives of democracy: A call for historical studies

A Tale of Two Tragedies: Forgetting and Remembering Kingston (1907) and Port-au-Prince (2010)

A Soundtrack for Reimagining Pakistan? Coke Studio, Memory and the Music Video

The Alien Jew in the British Imagination, 1881–1905: Space, Mobility and Territoriality

Susan Kollin, Captivating Westerns: The Middle East in the American West

Sino-US relations and the role of emotion in state action

Remembering Australia’s past project: pre-service history teachers, national narratives and historical consciousness

Reclaiming an Irish National Hero: Seamus De Búrca’s Biography of Peadar Kearney, The Soldier’s Song (1957)

Mixed feelings: Identities and nationalisations in Catalonia and the Basque country (1980–2015)

“Some call Europe, and some call Eneá”: on the origins of the Old Icelandic learned prehistory

On the Internal Front Lines: Curatorial Activism and Collection Exhibitions

Global leadership: competitiveness, tolerance, and creativity—a Canadian provincial example

Latin American Avant-Garde and Its Global Geographies

A Green End to the Red Empire? Ecological Mobilizations in the Soviet Union and Its Successor States, 1950–2000: A Decentralized Approach

Understanding the etiology and impact of hatred globally in a public health context

Time, History and Memory: The Mythical Bongobondhu and the Birthing of Bangladeshi National Memories and Counter Memories

From Saira to Scouser: The evolving representation of white femininity in popular Hindi cinema

Three Variations on a Theme : Writing the Lives of Scottish and New Zealand Missionary Children, ca. 1900–1950

Absence as Presence, Presence as Absence: Museological Storytelling in Berlin

The Emergence of Human Rights in Colombia: Revolutionary Promise or Survival Strategy?

‘A Continuous Retrial’: Trans/national Memory in Chinese and Japanese Tribunal Films

Storytelling and the National Security of America: Korean War Stories from the Cold War to Post-9/11 Era

Presentación del dossier: Nación, representación y diversidades en los proyectos de nación en las Américas

Annual Bibliography of Commonwealth Literature 2018


Foreign Stories and National Narratives: Yiddish and Fictionality in Jurek Becker’s Jakob the Liar and Edgar Hilsenrath’s The Nazi and the Barber

The Presence, Provenance and Presentness of a Non Artifact

Bombs in Beijing and Delhi: The Global Spread of Bomb-Making Technology and the Revolutionary Terrorism in Modern China and India

When ‘we’ are the alien forces: Misremembering the Conquest of America through the ‘Triumph over alien forces’ schematic narrative template:

The Afterlife of al-Andalus: Muslim Iberia in Contemporary Arab and Hispanic Narratives

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National Narratives 국가 내러티브

National Narratives 국가 내러티브
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