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The Importance Of Events On Destination Brand Image Enhancement –The Case Of Bukhara

What’s in a Place? The Contribution of Strategic Communication to Placemaking and Territorial Communication

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#ILoveLondon: An exploration of the declaration of love towards a destination on Instagram

Destination gender: Scale development and cross-cultural validation

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Myanmar: Surga Yang Hilang

Peran Pembangunan Infrastruktur Pariwisata dalam Pembentukan Branding Pariwisata Lombok Pasca Pandemi

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Adana İli Gastronomik Kimliğinin Destinasyon Markalaşması Açısından Değerlendirilmesi

Diskursinnovationen im Luxemburger Nation Branding? Eine kritische Bestandsaufnahme

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Nation branding as a market-shaping strategy: A study on South Korean products in Vietnam

Rethinking Korea s Middle Power Diplomacy as a Nation Branding Project

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Analisis Nation Branding Pariwisata Indonesia Dalam INAFEST 2017 Di Shanghai Tiongkok

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Residents’ power and trust: A road to brand ambassadorship?

Practicing citizen diplomacy 2.0: “The Hot Dudes and Hummus—Israel’s Yummiest” campaign for Israel’s branding

Brand Africa – A Guidebook to Strengthen the Competitiveness of African Tourism

Branding Canada: Trudeau’s contribution to nation branding

Destination Atmosphere and Destination Branding: As an Effort to Promote Tourism in Banten

Talking the nation over advertising: The case of Catalan commercial advertisements

The Nation Brand Image:

Impact of Social Media Marketing on Consumer-Based Brand Equity for Tourism Destination

Collaboration in marketing regional tourism destinations: Constructing a business cluster formation framework through participatory action research

Authenticity of gastronomic events as a function of branding a destination

Film as cultural diplomacy: South Korea’s nation branding through Parasite (2019)

The role of gastronomy in shaping the destination’s brand identity: an empirical analysis based on stakeholders’ opinions

Who travels how far: German Baltic sea anglers’ travel distances as precondition for fisheries management and coastal spatial planning

Introduction: Turning Populations into Assets

“Visit Rwanda”: a well primed public relations campaign or a genuine attempt at improving the country’s image abroad?

Gastronomic experience (co)creation: evidence from Taiwan and Catalonia

Private and public partnerships: The Greek diaspora’s branding of Philotimo as identity

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Intellectual Property Rights and Country-of-Origins Labels in the Luxury Industry

Sport at Home, Sport in the World: Evaluating Qatar’s Sports Strategy from Above and Below

Film Tourism in South-Eastern Sicily: In the Footsteps of Inspector Montalbano

Indigenous food sovereignty and tourism: the Chakra Route in the Amazon region of Ecuador

Nation Branding of India: Appraisal of Indian Public Diplomacy Initiatives and Lessons for Pakistan

Promoting resident-tourist interaction quality when residents are expected to be hospitable hosts at destinations

One Island, Two Nations

The Effect of Ownership Structure and Leverage Towards Dividend Policy and Corporate Values

Projecting the Nation(s) in Multinational Federal Systems: International Education and Nation Branding in Canada/Quebec

Sports, Brand America and U.S. public diplomacy during the presidency of Donald Trump

Branding the Chinese Dream: Reception of China’s Public Diplomacy in Britain’s “Cultural China”

Marketing Tourism Destinations

Branding the Open-minded Nation


“Tree against hunger”: potential of enset-based culinary tourism for sustainable development in rural Ethiopia

COVID-19 Pandemic Is a Wake-Up Call for Sustainable Local Food Supply Chains: Evidence from Green Restaurants in the USA

Nation Branding in the Post-Communist World: Assessing the Field of Critical Research

Analyzing the Influencing of Cultural Differences on Implementing Consumer Based-Brand Equity: A Tourist Destination Development Strategy

Upaya Diaspora Indonesia Di Amerika Serikat Dalam Meningkatkan Brand Awardness Melalui Food Festival

The Impact of Megaprojects on Branding Ethiopia as an Appealing Tourist Destination

The Politics of Diversity and Participation

Critical Analysis of Harrison-Walker’s Strategic Positioning of Nations as Brands

Global cities and cultural diversity governance : comparing Doha and Singapore

Place Branding: An Alternative Model for Empowering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)


Historical Narrative and Tradition as Instruments of Creating the Image of the State on the International Arena: The Case of Kazakhstan

Rebranding Rwanda’s peacekeeping identity during post-conflict transition

Customer-based place brand equity and investments: study of West Bengal

A Nordic perspective on supranational place branding

English-Medium Instruction for the B&R Students in Chinese Universities: A Nation Branding Perspective

Televisual diplomacy: I am the Ambassador and Danish nation branding at home and abroad

Heritage as a Key Element of Cities and Destinations Branding

Destination Image and Relationship: The Moderating Role of Local Cuisine Experience

Wine tourism apps as wine destination branding instruments: content and functionality analysis.

Investigating visitors’ perception of smart city dimensions for city branding in Hong Kong

Developing and Branding a Wine Destination Through UNESCO World Heritage Listing: The Case of the Mount Lofty Ranges Agrarian Landscape

Cultural Tourism, Destination Branding and Spatial Experience Design: Contemporary Hospitality Design in Cyprus

The mechanism of tourism slogans on travel intention based on Unique Selling Proposition (USP) theory

On Selfie Diplomacy

Textiles as national heritage: Identities, politics and material culture

Identification of Competing Destination Brand: The Case of Okinawa Island

Sustainable Destination Branding and Marketing: Strategies for Tourism Development

Access, security and diplomacy: Perceptions of soft power, nation branding and the organisational challenges facing Qatar’s 2022 FIFA World Cup

Dialogic features of brand South Africa’s website and tourists’ intentions to visit

Israel’s Strategic and Tactical Use of the 2017 Maccabiah Games for Nation Branding and Public Diplomacy

The Role of Destination Brand Image and Revisit Intention on Tourist Spending

Understanding the Mood of International Millennials Towards India

La nación mediatizada. Identidad, agencia y audiencia en las campañas de nation branding

Veni, vidi, vici: The impact of social media on virtual acculturation in tourism context

The Challenges of Nation-Building and Nation Branding in Multi-Ethnic Suriname

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