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Nanoparticles Improve sentence examples within Tio2 Nanoparticles Improve

Synergic fabrication of titanium dioxide incorporation into heparin-polyvinyl alcohol nanocomposite: enhanced in vitro antibacterial activity and care of in vivo burn injury

The effects of DMAEMA polyelectrolyte and TiO2 photocatalyst on the tartrazine quenching of N-doped carbon dot immobilized in PVA/microfibrillated cellulose film

Nanoparticles Improve sentence examples within Ag Nanoparticles Improve

Experimental study on heat transfer, entropy generation, and exergy destruction of Ag, MWCNT, and GO water-based nanofluids in helical tubes

Rheological and Antimicrobial Properties of Silica and silver Nanoparticles-reinforced K-carrageenan/hydroxyethyl Cellulose Composites for Food Packaging Applications

Nanoparticles Improve sentence examples within Sio2 Nanoparticles Improve

Effect of silica dioxide nanoparticles on the flexural strength of heat-polymerized acrylic denture base material: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Study of capabilities of the ANN and RSM models to predict the thermal conductivity of nanofluids containing SiO2 nanoparticles

Nanoparticles Improve sentence examples within Silver Nanoparticles Improve

Effect of silver nanoparticles on salt tolerance of Satureja hortensis l. during in vitro and in vivo germination tests

A comprehensive review of the antibacterial activity of dimethylaminohexadecyl methacrylate (DMAHDM) and its influence on mechanical properties of resin-based dental materials

Nanoparticles Improve sentence examples within Cu Nanoparticles Improve

Improvement of electrical and mechanical properties of In-48Sn solder bumps for flexible LED signage using Cu-Ag nanoparticles

Copper sulfide-macroporous polyacrylamide hydrogel for solar steam generation

Nanoparticles Improve sentence examples within Alumina Nanoparticles Improve

Synthesis and characterization of chitosan/polyvinylpyrrolidone coated nanoporous γ-Alumina as a pH-sensitive carrier for controlled release of quercetin.

The investigation of alumina nanoparticles’ effects on the mechanical and thermal properties of HDPE/rPET/MAPE blends

Nanoparticles Improve sentence examples within Magnetic Nanoparticles Improve

Convective heat transfer characteristics of nanofluids including the magnetic effect on heat transfer enhancement - a review

Magnetic Nanoclusters Coated with Albumin, Casein, and Gelatin: Size Tuning, Relaxivity, Stability, Protein Corona, and Application in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Immunoassay

Nanoparticles Improve sentence examples within Oxide Nanoparticles Improve

Characterization of Biocompatible Hydrogel Lenses Using Methacrylic Acid with Neodymium Oxide Nanoparticles

Vitamin B2 functionalized iron oxide nanozymes for mouth ulcer healing

Nanoparticles Improve sentence examples within Au Nanoparticles Improve

An Effective Wound Healing Material Based on Gold Incorporation into a Heparin-Polyvinyl Alcohol Nanocomposite: Enhanced In Vitro and In Vivo Care of Perioperative Period

Cooperative catalytic performance of bimetallic Ni-Au nanocatalyst for highly efficient hydrogenation of nitroaromatics and corresponding mechanism insight

Nanoparticles Improve sentence examples within Adding Nanoparticles Improve

A Comprehensive Numerical Study on Nanofluid Flow and Heat Transfer of Helical, Spiral and Straight Tubes with Different Cross Sections

Biodegradable composites of recycled thermoplastic starch and sawdust: the effect of cellulose nanofibers, nanoclay and temperature

Nanoparticles Improve sentence examples within Pd Nanoparticles Improve

Electrodeposited Pd/graphene/ZnO/nickel foam electrode for the hydrogen evolution reaction

Gas Sensor by Direct Growth and Functionalization of Metal-Oxide/Metal-Sulfide Core-Shell Nanowires on Flexible Substrates.

Nanoparticles Improve sentence examples within Graphite Nanoparticles Improve

Self-lubricating nanocomposite coatings using MAO to improve tribological properties of 6061 aluminum alloy

The anti-wear and extreme pressure performance of CuO and graphite nanoparticles as an additive in palm oil

Nanoparticles Improve sentence examples within Pt Nanoparticles Improve

Electroless deposition of Pd/Pt nanoparticles on electrochemically grown TiO2 nanotubes for ppb level sensing of ethanol at room temperature.

Effects of organotin halide perovskite and Pt nanoparticles in SnO2-based sensing materials on the detection of formaldehyde

Nanoparticles Improve sentence examples within Silica Nanoparticles Improve

Enhancing Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Composites Using Fumed Silica with Different Surface Treatment

Hybrid PMMA combined with polycarbonate inside interpenetrating polymer network architecture for development of new anti-scratch glass

Nanoparticles Improve sentence examples within Al2o3 Nanoparticles Improve

Experimental investigation of the effect of Al2O3 nanoparticles as additives to B20 blended biodiesel fuel: Flame characteristics, thermal performance and pollutant emissions

Evaluation of high temperature tribological behavior of electroless deposited NiB–Al2O3 coating

Nanoparticles Improve sentence examples within C Nanoparticles Improve

Improved thermal conductivity and stability of Na2SO4⋅10H2O PCMs system by incorporation of Al/C hybrid nanoparticles

Space-charge limited ionic conductivity enhancement in gel polymer electrolyte capacitors by embedding nanoparticles

Nanoparticles Improve sentence examples within nanoparticles improve thermal

Experimental study on heat transfer, entropy generation, and exergy destruction of Ag, MWCNT, and GO water-based nanofluids in helical tubes


A numerical study on the effects of nanoparticles and stair fins on performance improvement of phase change thermal energy storages

Positive and negative effects of nanoparticles on agricultural crops

Nanobiotechnology as a platform for the diagnosis of COVID-19: a review

Optimized Chitosan-Coated Gliadin Nanoparticles Improved the Hesperidin Cytotoxicity over Tumor Cells

Nanoparticles for Delivery of Agents to Fetal Lungs.

Analysis of PLA Composite Filaments Reinforced with Lignin and Polymerised-Lignin-Treated NFC

Numerical Investigation of Nanoparticles Shape Impacts on Thermal Energy Transfer and Flow Features of Nanofluid Impingement Jets

A Co-Nanoparticles Modified Electrode for On-Site and Rapid Phosphate Detection in Hydroponic Solutions

Pleurotus eryngii polysaccharide nanofiber containing pomegranate peel polyphenol/chitosan nanoparticles for control of E. coli O157:H7.

Antimicrobial Activity of Synthetic Antimicrobial Peptides Loaded in Poly-Ɛ-Caprolactone Nanoparticles Against Mycobacteria and their Functional Synergy with Rifampicin.

Morphological, barrier, and mechanical properties of banana starch films reinforced with cellulose nanoparticles from plantain rachis.

Performance Assessment of Nano-enhanced Phase Change Material for Thermal Storage

Cisplatin Nanoparticles Possess Stronger Anti-tumor Synergy with PD1/PD-L1 Inhibitors than the Parental Drug.

Influence on emissions and performance of CI engine with graphene nanoparticles blended with Karanja biodiesel

Influence of Zno nanoparticle addition and Spark Peak Current on EDM Process of AISI 1045, AISI 4140, and AISI D3: MRR, Surface Roughness, and Surface Texture

Study of Wear Properties of Recycled Composite Zn-Al Alloy Reinforced with Hybrid Nanoparticles

Application of glycyrrhiza polysaccharide nanofibers loaded with tea tree essential oil/ gliadin nanoparticles in meat preservation

Preparation and physical properties of (Bi 1.8 Pb 0.4 )Sr 2 Ca 2 Cu 3 O 10+δ superconductors impregnated with mangano(II)undecatungstosilicate nanomaterials

Proposing new hybrid nano-engine oil for lubrication of internal combustion engines: Preventing cold start engine damages and saving energy

Improvement of Antioxidant Activity and Physical Stability of Chocolate Beverage Using Colloidal Cinnamon Nanoparticles

Improving the Gas-Separation Properties of PVAc-Zeolite 4A Mixed-Matrix Membranes through Nano-Sizing and Silanation of the Zeolite.

Immobilized Biocatalysts in Bioethanol Production: Scale-up Opportunities for Commercialization

Investigate the physical and rheological properties of asphalt binders modified with barium sulfate nanoparticles

Functionalized Graphene–Reinforced Foams Based on Polymer Matrices

Gr-Al2O3 Nanoparticles-Based Multifunctional Drilling Fluid

Effects of Nanoparticles on Pin-Based Microchannel Heat Sinks

Cardiac cell differentiation of muscle satellite cells on aligned composite electrospun polyurethane with reduced graphene oxide

Nano- and microparticles-induced effect on activated sludge properties

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Nanoparticles Improve 나노 입자 개선

Nanoparticles Improve 나노 입자 개선
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