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Novel multiple strand displacement reaction coupled hybridization chain reaction for label-free and ultrasensitive electrochemical Type b3a2 biosensing

Inverted mirror image molecular beacon-based three concatenated logic gates to detect p53 tumor suppressor gene.

Effect of Using Different Types of Magnet Wires on the AC Losses of Electrical Machine Windings

Internal architecture and earthquake rupture behavior of a long-lived intraplate strike–slip fault: A case study from the Southern Yangsan Fault, Korea

The Role of Environmental Factors in the Early Development of Egyptian Stone Architecture

“No One Left Behind”: Learning From A Multidimensional Ethic of Care in a Women’s Prison in the US South

Stochastic oil spill modeling for environmental protection at the Port of Taranto (southern Italy).

Characterization and stability measurement of deployed multicore fibers for quantum applications

Heavy isotope labeling and mass spectrometry reveal unexpected remodeling of bacterial cell wall expansion in response to drugs

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Loss and Nostalgia

What controls the width of ductile shear zones

An IoT Based Epilepsy Monitoring Model

Unlocking the potential of in silico chemical safety assessment – A report on a cross-sector symposium on current opportunities and future challenges

Confessions of a Serial Polygamist: The Reality of Radiocarbon Reproducibility in Archaeological Samples

Magnetic flux leakage technique to detect loss in metallic area in external post-tensioning systems

Self-Emitting Artificial Cilia Produced by Field Effect Spinning.

Can employment build peace? A pseudo-meta-analysis of employment programmes in Africa

Comparative effects of various absorbable threads in a rat model

Learning to communicate: Managing multiple strands of participation in driving lessons

Quaternary Geology of the Utah FORGE Site and Vicinity, Millard and Beaver Counties, Utah

Ambiguity in the Bioarchaeological Record: The Case of “Euthanasia” at Roonka, South Australia

Experimental and Creative Approaches to Collecting and Distributing New Media Art within Regional Arts Organisations

What the Puerto Rican hurricanes make visible: Chronicle of a public health disaster foretold.

Preventing information distortion in the conservation literature

A moda brasileira é jovem, branca e magra: perfil de estilistas e modelos na SPFW entre 2013 e 2017

Investigation on IC Degradation of MgB2 Rutherford Cables by Deformation During Cabling Process

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