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A “new” empirical equation to describe the strain hardening behavior of steels and other metallic materials

Using design of experiments in the evaluation of the microstructural characterization parameters with the LePera reagent in a multiphase steel

Relationship between non-inclusion induced crack initiation and microstructure on fatigue behavior of bainite/martensite steel in high cycle fatigue/very high cycle (HCF/VHCF) regime

Hydrogen Embrittlement of Medium Mn Steels

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Brief Survey of the Microstructural, Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Duplex Stainless Steels SMAW Weldments.

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Thermal Stability of Retained Austenite in Advanced TRIP Steel with Bainitic Ferrite Matrix for Automotive Industries

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Effect of the Pre-Strain on the Elastic Behavior of a Dual-Phase Steel with Different Martensite Contents

Effects of deep cryogenic treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of an ultrahigh-strength TRIP-aided bainitic steel

Tribological investigation of abrasion resistant steels with martensitic and retained austenitic microstructure in single- and multi–asperity contact

Carbon Analysis in Steels by FE-EPMA: A Challenge or Contradiction?

Effects of nucleation site and morphology of carbide-free bainite on microstructures and properties of bainite/martensite multi-phase steels

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Impact of solutes on the lattice parameters and elastic stiffness coefficients of hcp Fe from first-principles calculations

Effect of inclusion and microstructure on the very high cycle fatigue behaviors of high strength bainite/martensite multiphase steels

Microstructure Transformation on Pre-Quenched and Ultrafast-Tempered High-Strength Multiphase Steels

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Multiphase Steel 다상강

Multiphase Steel 다상강
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