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FPGA-based embedded system for wind tunnel variable-geometry nozzle positioning

Domestic Systems of Railroad Automation and Telemechanics and Tasks for Ensuring Their Competitiveness

A Decision Making Process Model based on a Multilevel Control Platform Suitable for Industry 4.0

Disinhibition of the Nucleus Accumbens Leads to Macro-Scale Hyperactivity Consisting of Micro-Scale Behavioral Segments Encoded by Striatal Activity

Hollow Co3O4 Nanosphere Surrounded by N-Doped Graphitic Carbon Filled within Multilayer-Sandwiched Graphene Network: A High-Performance Anode for Lithium Storage.

Robust Energy Management Control Strategy in Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

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Multilevel Control 다단계 제어

Multilevel Control 다단계 제어
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