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Reduced coercive field in epitaxial thin film of ferroelectric wurtzite Al0.7Sc0.3N

Tailoring the structural, optical and multiferroic properties of low temperature synthesized cobalt ferrite nanomaterials, by citrate precursor method

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Half-metallic nature of the low-temperature grown Co2MnSi films on SrTiO3

Electric field tunable anisotropic magnetoresistance effect in an epitaxial Co2FeSi/BaTiO3 interfacial multiferroic system

Photonic Signatures of Spin-Driven Ferroelectricity in Multiferroic Dielectric Oxides.

Study of thermodynamic fluctuations of two-dimensional multiferroic systems using the renormalized Gaussian approach

A review on piezo- and pyroelectric responses of flexible nano- and micropatterned polymer surfaces for biomedical sensing and energy harvesting applications

Peierls transition driven ferroelasticity in the two-dimensional d−f hybrid magnets

Functional Ferroic Domain Walls for Nanoelectronics

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Switching on superferromagnetism

Magnetoelectricity in Multiferroics: a Theoretical Perspective

Magnetoelectricity in multiferroics: a theoretical perspective

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Multiferroic System 다강계

Multiferroic System 다강계
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