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Structural and magnetic phase transitions along with optical properties in GdMn1-xFexO3 perovskite

A First-Principles Study on the Multiferroic Property of Two-Dimensional BaTiO3 (001) Ultrathin Film with Surface Ba Vacancy

Strategy to Induce Multiferroic Property in (RTiO3 )n /(RVO3 )n Superlattices: A First-Principles Study.

Enhancing the Ferroelectric Coupling of Multifunctional Spinel–Perovskite Composite

Multiferroic behaviors of Co-doped Bi4NdTi3FeO15 ceramics

Density functional study of structural, electronic and magnetic properties of new half-metallic ferromagnetic double perovskite Sr2MnVO6.

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Enhanced multiferroic properties of tetragonally strained epitaxial BiMnO3 thin films grown on single crystal Rh substrates

Bismuth-Doped Nickel Ferrite Nanoparticles for Room Temperature Memory Devices

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Multiferroic Property 다강 속성

Multiferroic Property 다강 속성
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