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Multiferroic Material sentence examples within Phase Multiferroic Material

Effective strategy for optimizing the leakage current and ferroelectric polarization characteristics of BiFeO3_PVDF-TrFE nanocomposite films

An antisite defect mechanism for room temperature ferroelectricity in orthoferrites

Multiferroic Material sentence examples within Temperature Multiferroic Material

Enhanced magnetoelectric coupling characteristics of Mn2O3-modified BiFeO3-based ceramics

Enhanced dielectric, ferroelectric and magnetic properties of Ba4Sm2Fe2Nb8O30 RT multiferroics prepared by microwave sintering

Multiferroic Material sentence examples within Magnetoelectric Multiferroic Material

Electric Dipole Active Magnetic Resonance and Nonreciprocal Directional Dichroism in Magnetoelectric Multiferroic Materials in Terahertz and Millimeter Wave Regions

Investigations on structural, ferroic and magneto-dielectric properties of multiferroic Bi0.9Sm0.1FeO3 and its composite (0.9) Bi0.9Sm0.1FeO3/(0.1) La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 at room temperature

Multiferroic Material sentence examples within Perovskite Multiferroic Material

Ferrimagnetic and relaxor ferroelectric properties of R2MnMn(MnTi3)O12 perovskites with R = Nd, Eu, and Gd

Studies on the multiferroic properties and impedance analysis of (La, Cu) BiFeO3 prepared by sol-gel method

Multiferroic Material sentence examples within Studied Multiferroic Material

Analysis of room temperature structural, optical, and electrical properties of bulk h – YMnO3 manganite

Prediction of low-energy phases of BiFeO3 with large unit cells and complex tilts beyond Glazer notation

Influence of La doping on multiferroic properties of BiFeO3 ceramics prepared by the melt-quenching method

Particulate multiferroic Ba0.99Tb0.02Ti0.99O3 – CoFe1.8Mn0.2O4 composites: Improved dielectric, ferroelectric and magneto-dielectric properties

Experimental investigation on multiferroic properties of Ti-doped BiFeO3 bulk and nanoparticles

Structural, magnetic and microwave properties of Ba1-xNdxFe12O19

Tunable bandgap in cobalt doped bismuth ferrite nanoceramics: The role of annealing temperature

Metamagnetoelectric transitions-enhanced multicaloric effect in multiferroics A2Cu2Mo3O12 (A=Rb and Cs) quantum spin chain


Mossbauer studies of Zn-substituted BiFeO3 multiferroic

Robust Intrinsic Multiferroicity in a FeHfSe3 Layer.

Magnetoelectric composite materials

Recent advances on magnetoelectric coupling in BiFeO3: Technological achievements and challenges

Combining magnetocaloric and elastocaloric effects in a Ni45Co5Mn37In13 alloy

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Synthesis of Bismuth Ferrite and its Application for Oscillator Material up to 25 GHz Range

Structural and optical properties of sol-gel synthesized LaFe1-xAgxO3

Fdtd Modeling Of Stress Source In Piezoelectric Materials

Multiferroic magnetoelectric coupling effect of three-layer multiferroic (Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3–Ni0.6Zn0.4Fe2O4)3 heterojunction fabricated by sol–gel process

Optimization of SrRuO3 bottom electrodes fabricated by RF magnetron ion sputtering for new generation devices

Coexistence and Coupling of Multiple Charge Orderings and Spin States in Hexagonal Ferrite.

Lightweight, Ferroelectric-Ferromagnetic Polymer- Nanocomposites for Field Sensor Applications

Synthesis and characterization of undopped bismuth ferrite oxide nanoparticles for the application of cancer treatment

Structural and impedance spectroscopy in BiFeO3–BiCoO3–BaTiO3 ternary system

Structural and magnetic properties of Y1-xDyxFeO3 multiferroics

Inverse Domain-Size Dependence of Piezoelectricity in Ferroelectric Crystals.

Recent progress on 2D ferroelectric and multiferroic materials, challenges, and opportunity

Magnetoelectric Structure for Energy Harvesting

Effective moduli of multiferroic fibrous composites with strain gradient and electromagnetic field gradient effects

Improvement of magnetoelectric coupling effect in Ba0.8Sr0.2TiO3-Co0.5Cu0.5Fe2O4 multiferroic fluids by tuning the composition

Spintronics and Innovative Memory Devices: a Review on Advances in Magnetoelectric BiFeO3

Two-dimensional multiferroics in a breathing kagome lattice

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