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Substantial magnetoelectric response in 2/3[Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3]−1/3[PbTiO3]-CoFe2O4 composites

Magnetoelectric coupling tailored by the orientation of the nanocrystals in only one component in percolative multiferroic composites

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Yttrium iron garnet (YIG)/barium titanate (BTO) an engineered multiferroic nanocomposite

Structural, dielectric and magnetic properties of multiferroic (1-x) La0.5Ca0.5MnO3-(x) BaTi0.8Sn0.2O3 laminated composites.

Multiferroic Composite sentence examples within multiferroic composite material

Electrospinning of multiferroic CoFe2O4@ Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3–0.5(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3 nano-structured fibers via two different routes

A neoteric tri-phase composite with efficient magneto-electric and multifunctional response

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Gd5Si4-PVDF nanocomposite films and their potential for triboelectric energy harvesting applications

Strong magnetoelectric coupling of Aurivillius phase multiferroic composite films with similar layered perovskite structure

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Magneto Electro Elastic Modelling and Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of Bi Directional Functionally Graded Beams

Demagnetization Effect on the Magnetoelectric Response of Composite Multiferroic Cylinders

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In situ formation of composite thin film with (111) oriented Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 pillar array surrounded by BaTiO3 for ferroelectric-ferromagnetic coupling

Magnetoelectric coupling tailored by the orientation of the nanocrystals in only one component in percolative multiferroic composites

Particulate multiferroic Ba0.99Tb0.02Ti0.99O3 – CoFe1.8Mn0.2O4 composites: Improved dielectric, ferroelectric and magneto-dielectric properties

Structural, dielectric and magnetic properties of xNi0.50Zn0.40Mn0.10Fe2O4 + (1-x)Bi0.90La0.10Fe0.93Eu0.07O3 multiferroic composites

Promising magnetoelectric properties of (x)Ni0.46Cu0.14Zn0.40Fe2O4 + (1 − x)Ba0.95Sr0.05Zr0.05Ti0.95O3 multiferroic composites

Crystal structure and improved dielectric, magnetic, ferroelectric and magneto-electric properties of xCoFe2O4−(1−x)BaTiO3 multiferroic composites

Tuning Magnetocaloric Effect of a Mn-Cr-Sb-Ga alloy by the Nonvolatile Residual Strain of a Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloy

Magnetoelectric coupling in self-assembled BiFeO3–CoFe2O4 nanocomposites on (110)-LaAlO3 substrates

Effective moduli of multiferroic fibrous composites with strain gradient and electromagnetic field gradient effects

Impedance modulated dielectric and magnetic properties of BCT-NF multiferroic composite

Investigation of the Phase Transitions and Magneto-Electric Response in the 0.9(PbFe0.5Nb0.5)O3-0.1Co0.6Zn0.4Fe1.7Mn0.3O4 Particulate Composite

Influence of phase dominance on structural, magneto-dielectric, magnetic-electric properties of (Ba0.85Ca0.15Zr0.1Ti0.9)O3-CoFe2O3 composites

Interfacial bonding effect on nonlinear magnetoelectric response of multiferroic composites

Strong enhancement in structural, dielectric, impedance and magnetoelectric properties of NdMnO3 - BaTiO3 multiferroic composites

Improved Magneto-dielectric coupling in Yb-doped PbZrTiO3–Nd-doped CoFe2O4-based multiferroic composites

Unravelling the nature of magneto-electric coupling in room temperature multiferroic particulate (PbFe0.5Nb0.5O3)–(Co0.6Zn0.4Fe1.7Mn0.3O4) composites

Magneto-dielectric properties of Mn-doped CoFe2O4: Yb-doped PbZrTiO3 multiferroic composites

Influence of ferrite phase on electrical properties of the barium zirconium titanate based multiferroic composites

Self-assembled three-dimensional framework of PbTiO3:ε-Fe2O3 nanostructures with room temperature multiferroism

Improved sensitivity and bandwidth of hybrid magnetic sensor based on electrically modulated amorphous magnetic alloy/piezoelectric composite

Disclosing odd symmetry, strain driven magnetic response of Co on Pt/PMN-PT (0 1 1).

Temperature Dependent Electric Properties and Magnetoelectric Effects in Ferroelectric rich Ni0.8Mg0.2Fe2O4 + BaZr0.2Ti0.8O3 Magnetoelectric Composites

Mode I vertical elliptic crack problem of multiferroic composites

Effect of Addition of NZF Nanoparticles on Ferroelectric, Magnetic and Magnetoelectric Properties of BST-NZF Composite

Nanomechanics of multiferroic composite nanofibers via local excitation piezoresponse force microscopy

Nanoscale domain structure evolution and magnetoelectric coupling for PMN-33PT/Terfenol-D multiferroic composite

Tuning magnetism in 0.25BaTiO3-0.75CoFe2O4 hetero-nanostructure to control ferroelectric polarization

Dynamical anisotropic magnetoelectric effects at ferroelectric/ferromagnetic insulator interfaces

Correlation between lattice strain and physical (magnetic, dielectric, and magnetodielectric) properties of perovskite-spinel (Bi0.85La0.15FeO3)(1−x)–(NiFe2O4)(x) composites

Multicaloric effect in a multiferroic composite of Gd5(Si,Ge)4 microparticles embedded into a ferroelectric PVDF matrix

Magnetic field induced polarization and magnetoelectric effect in Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3–Co0.75Zn0.25Cr0.2Fe1.8O4 multiferroic composite

Direct and converse nonlinear magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroic composites with ferromagnetic and ferroelectric phases

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Enhanced multiferroic and magnetoelectric properties of Ni0.92(Cu0.05Co0.03)Fe2O4/Ba1-xCaxZr0.10Ti0.90O3 lead-free composite films

Influence of Addition of Nanoparticles of Magnetic Phase on Structural, Microstructural and Dielectric Properties of Multiferroic Composites

Magnetic and dielectric characterization of xBiFeO3:(1-x)SrFe12O19 multiferroic composites

Multi-Functionality of Spintronic Materials

Interplay between the ferrimagnetic and ferroelectric phases on the large magnetoelectric coupling of xLi0.1Ni0.2Mn0.6Fe2.1O4–(1 − x)Bi0.8Dy0.2FeO3 composites

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Multiferroic Composite 다강 합성물

Multiferroic Composite 다강 합성물
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