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Sources and features of particulate organic matter in tropical small mountainous rivers (SW China) under the effects of anthropogenic activities

Reply to: “Questions remain about the biolability of dissolved black carbon along the combustion continuum”

The January 2014 Flashflood in the Ambato River (Catamarca, Argentina)- A Case Study of Megaboulders Fluvial Transport

Filling gaps in the DNA barcode library - Aquatic insects (Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, Trichoptera) from semi-mountainous and mountainous rivers of Ecoregion 6 (North Macedonia)

Greater vulnerability of snowmelt-fed river thermal regimes to a warming climate

Two-Dimensional Space-Time Image Velocimetry for Surface Flow Field of Mountain Rivers Based on UAV Video

Research and Application on Mathematical Model of Ship Manoeuvring Motion under Shallow water effect

Research and application on numerical simulation of ship maneuvering motion under bank effect

Application of Geomorphometric Approach for the Estimation of Hydro-sedimentological Flows and Cation Weathering Rate: Towards Understanding the Sustainable Land Use Policy for the Sindh Basin, Kashmir Himalaya

The effects of global change on floods, fluvial geomorphology and related hazards in mountainous rivers.

Long-term dispersion of river gravel in a canyon in the Atacama Desert, Central Andes, deduced from their 10Be concentrations

Dynamic hydraulic jump and retrograde sedimentation in an open channel induced by sediment supply: experimental study and SPH simulation

Experimental study on the river blockage and landslide dam formation induced by rock slides

Experimental and modelling study of flow characteristics on large-scale roughness bed

Study on hazard assessment of mountainous flood in riverside country- a case study in Xinshan, Hubei, China

An attempt to Link suspended load hysteresis patterns and sediment sources configuration in alpine catchments

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Mountainous Rivers 산악 강

Mountainous Rivers 산악 강
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