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Motor Intention sentence examples within brain computer interface

Haptic Stimulation for Improving Training of a Motor Imagery BCI Developed for a Hand-Exoskeleton in Rehabilitation

Exploring the Number of Repetitions in Trials for the Performance Convergence of Classification in Motor Imagery Task with Hand-Grasping

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Inter-stimulus phase coherence in steady-state somatosensory evoked potentials and its application in improving the performance of single-channel MI-BCI

Human motor decoding from neural signals: a review

Motor Intention sentence examples within Human Motor Intention

The classification of movement intention through machine learning models: the identification of significant time-domain EMG features

EMG-Based 3D Hand Motor Intention Prediction for Information Transfer from Human to Robot

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Motor Intention sentence examples within Decoding Motor Intention

Deep Pinsker and James-Stein Neural Networks for Decoding Motor Intentions From Limited Data

A Deep Classifier for Upper-Limbs Motor Anticipation Tasks in an Online BCI Setting

Motor Intention sentence examples within motor intention decoding

Transfer Learning-Based Muscle Activity Decoding Scheme by Low-frequency sEMG for Wearable Low-cost Application

Design a novel BCI for neurorehabilitation using concurrent LFP and EEG features: a case study.

An automatic subject specific channel selection method for enhancing motor imagery classification in EEG-BCI using correlation

Quantitative Assessment Method of Force Tracking Capabilities for Detection of Motor Intentional Disorders

Shallow Convolutional Network Excel for Classifying Motor Imagery EEG in BCI Applications

Short-Time Fourier Transform Covariance and Selection, A Feature Extraction Method for Binary Motor Imagery Classification

Embodied higher cognition: insights from Merleau-Ponty’s interpretation of motor intentionality

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Biomimetic bidirectional hand neuroprostheses for restoring somatosensory and motor functions

Motor Intention Decoding from the Upper Limb by Graph Convolutional Network Based on Functional Connectivity.

Correction to Scarpina et al. (2020).

Modeling Long-Term Intentions and Narratives in Autonomous Agents

Increasing Motor Cortex Activation During Grasping Via Novel Robotic Mirror Hand Therapy: A Pilot fNIRS Study

Discrimination Improvement Through Undesirable Feedback in Coupling Object Manipulation Tasks

Impulsivity traits and awareness of motor intention in Parkinson’s disease: a proof-of-concept study

Disconnected Motor Intention and Spatial Attention in a Case of Probable Marchiafava-Bignami Disease

Brain-Computer Interfaces Systems for Upper and Lower Limb Rehabilitation: A Systematic Review

Separable neuronal contributions to covertly attended locations and movement goals in macaque frontal cortex

Does feedback based on FES-evoked nociceptive withdrawal reflex condition event-related desynchronization? An exploratory study with brain-computer interfaces

Go Virtual to Get Real: Virtual Reality as a Resource for Spinal Cord Treatment

An integrated deep learning model for motor intention recognition of multi-class EEG Signals in upper limb amputees

Physiologic signaling and viability of the muscle cuff regenerative peripheral nerve interface (MC-RPNI) for intact peripheral nerves

Assessing kinetic meaning of music and dance via deep cross-modal retrieval

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Neural coding by electroencephalography (EEG)

SEMG-based multifeatures and predictive model for knee-joint-angle estimation

Action Observation of Own Hand Movement Enhances Event-Related Desynchronization

Loops and Jazz Gaps: Engaging the Feedforward Qualities of Communicative Musicality in Play Therapy with Children with Autism

The relationship and difference between delay detection ability and judgment of sense of agency

Prospective and retrospective contributions to intention awareness in voluntary action

Predictable real-time constraints reveal anticipatory strategies of coupled planning in a sequential pick and place task

Simultaneous sEMG Classification of Hand/Wrist Gestures and Forces

Intentional binding as Bayesian cue combination: Testing predictions with trait individual differences.

The Brain in (Willed) Action: A Meta-Analytical Comparison of Imaging Studies on Motor Intentionality and Sense of Agency

Investigating the detection of intention signal during different exercise protocols in robot-assisted hand movement of stroke patients and healthy subjects using EEG-BCI system

Impact of Feature Selection on EEG Based Motor Imagery

Coordinate based meta-analysis of motor functional imaging in Parkinson’s: disease-specific patterns and modulation by dopamine replacement and deep brain stimulation

An undercomplete autoencoder to extract muscle synergies for motor intention detection

Muscle Synergies for Motor Control Evaluation

The motor intentional core of situation awareness

Motor intentionality and the intentionality of improvisation: a contribution to a phenomenology of musical improvisation

Grasp-Oriented Myoelectric Interfaces for Robotic Hands: A Minimal-Training Synergy-Based Framework for Intent Detection, Control and Perception

Multiclass Detection and Tracking of Transient Motor Activation based on Decomposed Myoelectric Signals

Micro-channel sieve electrode for concurrent bidirectional peripheral nerve interface. Part B: stimulation.

Intentions: The dynamic hierarchical model revisited.

Shared neurocognitive mechanisms of attenuating self-touch and illusory self-touch

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Motor Intention 운동 의도

Motor Intention 운동 의도
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