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Spinal subpial delivery of AAV9 enables widespread gene silencing and blocks motoneuron degeneration in ALS

TrkB agonistic antibodies superior to BDNF: Utility in treating motoneuron degeneration

The homeoprotein ENGRAILED-1 promotes motoneuron survival and sustains motor functions

Running and swimming prevent the deregulation of the BDNF/TrkB neurotrophic signalling at the neuromuscular junction in mice with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Heterozygous Tbk1 loss has opposing effects in early and late stages of ALS in mice

Synapse preservation and decreased glial reactions following ventral root crush (VRC) and treatment with 4‐hydroxy‐tempo (TEMPOL)

Age- and gender-dependent D-amino acid oxidase activity in mouse brain and peripheral tissues: implication for aging and neurodegeneration.

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Motoneuron Degeneration 운동뉴런 변성

Motoneuron Degeneration 운동뉴런 변성
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