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Mesh Manifold Based Riemannian Motion Planning for Omnidirectional Micro Aerial Vehicles

Adaptively Robust Control Policy Synthesis Through Riemannian Motion Policies

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RMPflow: A Geometric Framework for Generation of Multitask Motion Policies

Composable Geometric Motion Policies using Multi-Task Pullback Bundle Dynamical Systems

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Leverage points for accelerating adoption of shared electric cars: Perceived benefits and environmental impact of NEVs

Dental service utilisation among adults in a European developing country: findings from a national health survey.

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Global Variation in Hand Hygiene Practices Among Adolescents: The Role of Family and School-Level Factors


Learning Task Space Actions for Bipedal Locomotion

Voice disorders in teachers and the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)

Social Media, Digital Scholarship, and Academic Promotion in US Medical Schools.

Nihil novi sub sole: The Need for Rethinking WTO and Green Subsidies in Light of United States – Renewable Energy

Perception of Organizational Politics and its Impact on Job Performance

Nihil novi sub sole. The need for rethinking WTO and green subsidies in light of United States – Renewable Energy

Language choice of Vietnamese ethnic minority students in family and community interactions: implications for minority language maintenance

Livelihood diversification in managing catastrophic risks: evidence from flood-disaster regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan

Assessing the effects of policies on China’s outward foreign direct investment

Impact of Incentive Policies and Other Socio-Economic Factors on Electric Vehicle Market Share: A Panel Data Analysis from the 20 Countries

Measuring the Burden of Disease in Korea, 2008-2018

Innovation and small and medium enterprises’ performance in Cameroon

A Critical Analysis of Representations of Inequalities in Childhood Obesity in Australian Health Policy Documents.

Two-level promotion and ordering policy in a supply chain

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Promotional Policies and Its Impact Over the Performance of High School Teachers (HSTs) Of Public Secondary Schools at District Badin

Pengaruh Promosi Jabatan Terhadap Kinerja Karyawan PT Federal International Finance

Efectos del crecimiento urbano sobre humedales costero-continentales del ambiente semiárido de Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Gendered differences in crop diversity choices: A case study from Papua New Guinea

Optimal manpower recruitment and promotion policies for the finitely graded systems using dynamic programming

Does Firm Age Affect Learning-by-Exporting? Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Legal Institutional Improvement for Activating National Supercomputing Ecosystem

Analysis of Social Effects on Employment Promotion Policies for College Graduates Based on Data Mining for Online Use Review in China during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dynamics Randomization Revisited: A Case Study for Quadrupedal Locomotion

Analysis of the health effects of the transition of traditional Chinese food on the emergence of nontraditional eating behaviors

Does the Belt and Road Initiative Promote Value Chain Connection Between China and the Silk Road Countries?

Factors that interfere with total physical inactivity in overweight women

Does exposure of mass media associate with utilisation of ANC services? A trend analysis from Nepal demographic and health surveys.

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Developing a Study Protocol for Analyzing Policies to Promote Physical Activity Among Urban Middle-Aged People: A Case of a Metropolitan City in Iran

Less competition, more meritocracy?

Economic inequality in prevalence of underweight and short stature in children and adolescents: the weight disorders survey of the CASPIAN-IV study.

Health-related quality of life in adults with metabolic syndrome: Qazvin metabolic disease study, Iran

Analysis of Promotion Policies for the Valorization of Food Waste from Industrial Sources in Taiwan

Analyzing Spatial Patterns of Health Vulnerability to Drought in the Brazilian Semiarid Region

Assessment of knowledge, attitude, and practice among health professionals in an oncological hospital on voluntary blood donation - Investigating their participation in programs to promote blood donation

Participation of people living with disabilities in physical activity: a global perspective

What Does It Mean to Be a Clinical Track Faculty Member in Public Health? A Survey of Clinical Track Faculty Across the United States.

Job Security, Organizational Support and Employee Performance: Mediating role of Employee Satisfaction in Medical Sector of Pakistan

Training in Task Space to Speed Up and Guide Reinforcement Learning

Quality of work life and factors associated with it among nurses in public hospitals, Iran

Comparative Study of Chinese and Japanese Language Promotion Policy

An agent-based simulation model to evaluate the response to seismic retrofit promotion policies

An institution-based view of firms’ early internationalization: Effectiveness of national export promotion policies

A Comparative Study of Chinese and Japanese Language Promotion Policies

On the Disclosure of Promotion Value in Platforms with Learning Sellers

Environmental Assessment of Biomass Energy Crops

Factors Associated with Unmet Dental Needs among Single-Person Households in Korea

Determinants for consumer food choice with the New Retail e-commerce mode

Spatio-temporal estimation of landfill gas energy potential: A case study in China


Application of Kingdon and Hall Models to Review Environmental Sanitation and Health Promotion Policy in Ethiopia: A Professional Perspective as a Review

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Ciencia Abierta, un modelo por definir con muchos retos por delante = Open science, an undefined model with many challenges

Severe dental caries is associated with incidence of thinness and overweight among preschool Chinese children

The Evolution of Mariculture Structures and Environmental Effects in China

Property rights, foreign direct investment and economic growth: a comparison of two southern African countries

Ideas and Interests: European Democracy Aid and the Democracy-Security Dilemma, 1990-2010

Association of Single and Multiple Medical Conditions with Work Status among Adults in the United States

Current evidence on urbanicity and the impact of neighbourhoods on anxiety and stress-related disorders

Dimensões dos direitos fundamentais no Plano Nacional de Políticas para Mulheres

Impacts of Companies’ Promotion of Work–Life Balance and the Restrictive Regular Employment System on Gender Wage Gap

Physical inactivity caused economic burden depends on regional cultural differences

Less Competition, More Meritocracy?

Firm-Level Investment and Exporting: New Empirical Evidence From Ghana and Tanzania

Satluj Floodplain: A Landscape

Differences in the health behaviors of elderly individuals and influencing factors: Evidence from the Chinese Longitudinal Healthy Longevity Survey.

Clustering of oral and general health risk behaviors among adolescents

Combating frailty and sarcopenia in aging populations: Switching to a more positive paradigm

Factors that Sustain Health and Safety Management Practices in the Food Industry

Agricultural Exports and Economic Growth in Burkina Faso

Feedback MPC for Torque-Controlled Legged Robots

A case study of social vulnerability: thoughts for the promotion of health

Sustainable Location Development: How Do Investment Promotion Agencies Go About Attracting Sustainable Foreign Direct Investment?

Physical activity and prevention of chronic disease in Chinese youth: A public health approach

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Sustentabilidade, Saúde e Políticas Sociais: Repensando o Bem-Estar Social no Século 21

A review of assessment indicators used by Healthy Municipalities and Communities Program in Latin America and the Caribbean region.

Análisis socio-técnico de los regímenes de promoción industrial de 1944 y 1958 en el sector automotriz en Argentina

Health Promotion and Obesity in the Arab Gulf States: Challenges and Good Practices

Um estudo de caso sobre vulnerabilidade social: reflexões para a promoção da saúde

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