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Insight into traps at Al2O3/p-GaN metal-oxide-semiconductor interface fabricated on free-standing GaN substrate

GaN MOS Structures with Low Interface Trap Density

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Effect of surface treatments on ALD Al2O3/4H-SiC metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistors

Chemical state of phosphorous at the SiC/SiO 2 interface

Mos Structures sentence examples within Lateral Mos Structures

A Compact Model for Border Traps in Lateral MOS Devices with Large Channel Resistance

Toward Reliable Extraction of the Properties of Border Traps in Lateral GaN Power MOSFET with a Distributed Network Model

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Understanding terahertz emission properties from a metal–insulator–semiconductor structure upon femtosecond laser illumination

Radiation Induced Leakage Current of HfO2-based MOS Capacitors under 60Co Gamma Ray

A New Circuit-Level Technique for Leakage and Short-Circuit Power Reduction of Static Logic Gates in 22-nm CMOS Technology

Principles of experimental research of sensitivity inhomogeneity of matrix sensors

Forming small junctions with reduced defectiveness

A method for characterizing near-interface traps in SiC metal–oxide–semiconductor capacitors from conductance–temperature spectroscopy measurements

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Cryogenic Characterization of 16 nm FinFET Technology for Quantum Computing

Simulated Analysis of Double-Gate MOSFET and FinFET Structure Using High-k Materials

The Application of the High-k Dielectrics in Lateral Double-Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor

CV Stretch-Out Correction after Bias Temperature Stress: Work-Function Dependence of Donor-/Acceptor-Like Traps, Fixed Charges, and Fast States

Investigation of In0.53 Ga0.47 As -Based Buffered Step Doping (BSD) LDMOS

Effect of Annealing on the Surface Morphology and Current–Voltage Characterization of a CZO Structure Prepared by RF Magnetron Sputtering

The Effect of the Ionizing Radiation Intensity on the Response of MOS Structures

CHAPTER 11:Enzymatic and Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOS)

Memristive Element Functional Model for Computer Based Analysis and Hardware Emulation of Pulsed Neurons Adaptive Networks

Investigation of ESD Protection in SiC BCD Process

Analysis on Performance of Ferroelectric NC-FETs Based on Real-Space Gibbs-Free Energy With Atomic Channel Structure

A Novel Self-Regulated Potential SOI LIGBT With Low ON-State Voltage and Turn-off Loss

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SiO2/SiC MOSFETs Interface Traps Probed by Nanoscale Analyses and Transient Current and Capacitance Measurements

Investigation of Impact of Dosage on Electrical Properties of Mg-Ion-Implanted GaN before Activation Annealing Using MOS Structures

Enzymatic Cascades for Tailored 13C6 and 15N Enriched Human Milk Oligosaccharides

Features of the field damage of ultra-thin insulating layers of the silicon oxide

Novel gate-grounded NMOS Triggered Device Structures for FD-SOI ESD Protection

On the Reliability Estimation of Analog CMOS Circuits Based on Statistical Methods

High Speed Comparator Design for the Implementation of Successive Approximation Register ADC

Comparative performance study of multiple-input bulk-driven and multiple-input bulk-driven quasi-floating-gate DDCCs

Multiphysics Simulation & Design of Silicon Quantum Dot Qubit Devices

Peculiarities of the method in internal formation of structures in bipolar and CMOS technologies

Stability Criterion of Complex Polynomials in Markov’s Parameters and its’ Application at Selective System’s Design by the D-fragmentation Methods

Square root circuit using FGMOS translinear principle

Progressive Breakdown on Bi-Layered Gate Oxide Stacks

Improvement of the Al2O3/NO2/H-diamond MOS FET by using Au gate metal and its analysis

Time-to-Digital Converters: A Literature Review and New Perspectives

Comparative study on thermal robustness of GaN and AlGaN/GaN MOS devices with thin oxide interlayers

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The Study of P-pillar and Trench Technology in VDMOS

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Mos Structures 이끼 구조물

Mos Structures 이끼 구조물
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