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Amour et mort, vie de sainteté dans la littérature et la spiritualité à València au XVème siècle: de saint Vicent Ferrer à Sor Isabel de Villena

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O frade santo e o clérigo vaidoso: coopetições e propagandas eclesiásticas nas crônicas franciscanas (Itália, c. 1281-1399)

Patricians and the Rule of Law, c. 1670–1740

Augustus and the Problem of the Pax Deorum – A Case Study in Social & Religious Motives at the Birth of the Roman Empire

Fratriarchy and the Police Idea, c. 1740–1800

Depictions of the “Ideal Child” in Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Legislature

Winter War: Hoover, Roosevelt, and the First Clash over the New Deal by Eric Rauchway (review)

A revolutionary as a “beautiful soul”: Lev Tolstoy’s path to ethical anarchism

“The difference of colour”: reading and writing abolitionism

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Moral Reform 도덕 개혁

Moral Reform 도덕 개혁
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