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Detection and Quantification of Delamination Failures in Marine Composite Bulkheads via Vibration Energy Variations

An experimental and numerical study on the crush behaviour of hybrid unidirectional/woven carbon-fibre reinforced composite laminates

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Manufacturing and Validation of a Novel Composite Component for Aircraft Main Landing Gear Bay

Experimental investigation on the bond strength between Ultra high strength Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Mortar & conventional concrete

Monolithic carbon xerogels-metal composites for crude oil removal from oil in-saltwater emulsions and subsequent regeneration through oxidation process: Composites synthesis, adsorption studies, and oil decomposition experiments

Tensile Behaviour of Jute and Bamboo Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Hybrid Composites

Overcoming the strength-ductility trade-off of an aluminum matrix composite by novel core-shell structured reinforcing particulates

Decision tree-based machine learning to optimize the laminate stacking of composite cylinders for maximum buckling load and minimum imperfection sensitivity

Mechanical and electrochemical behaviour of aluminum-based hybrid composites reinforced with silicon carbide and pride of barbardos seed ash produced by stir casting

Effect of Stacking Sequence and Sodium Bicarbonate Treatment on Quasi-Static and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Flax/Jute Epoxy-Based Composites

Calcium Carbonate Skeletal Material Is Synthesized via Phase Transition of the Calcium Carbonate Cartilaginous Material

A green and facile strategy for hierarchically porous poly(L-lactic acid)/poly(ε-caprolactone) monolithic composites

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Monolithic Composite 모놀리식 합성물

Monolithic Composite 모놀리식 합성물
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