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Evaluation of Native Wine Yeast as Biocontrol Agents Against Fungal Pathogens Related to Postharvest Diseases

Draft Genomic Resources for the Brown Rot Fungal Pathogen Monilinia laxa.

Rapid Detection of Monilinia fructicola and Monilinia laxa on Peach and Nectarine using Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification.

Co-Infection with Three Mycoviruses Stimulates Growth of a Monilinia fructicola Isolate on Nutrient Medium, but Does Not Induce Hypervirulence in a Natural Host

Assessment of eleven South African peach cultivars for susceptibility to brown rot and blue mould

Genotypic structure of Monilinia populations in Western Australia two decades after incursion

The resistance of apricot genotypes to the attack of certain pathogens in Romania

Breeding strategies for identifying superior peach genotypes resistant to brown rot

A multiple volatile oil blend prolongs the shelf life of peach fruit and suppresses postharvest spoilage

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Monilinia Laxa 느슨한 목걸이

Monilinia Laxa 느슨한 목걸이
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