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Magnetic force microscopy revealing long range molecule impact on magnetic tunnel junction based molecular spintronics devices

Molecular spintronics devices exhibiting properties of a solar cell.

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Triangulene series: from precursor design towards on-surface synthesis and characterization.

Electronic and magnetic properties of CoPc and FePc molecules on graphene: the substrate, defect, and hydrogen adsorption effects.

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Studies of spin transport in fullerene films

Perfect Spin Filtering in Homobimetallic Ni Complex with High Tolerance to Structural Changes.

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Spin Transport in Organic Molecules

Direct Imaging of Isolated Single-Molecule Magnets in Metal-Organic Frameworks.

Epitaxial and contamination-free Co(0001) electrodes on insulating substrates for molecular spintronic devices

Endohedral Fullerene [email protected] Adsorbed on Au(111) Surface as a High-Efficiency Spin Filter: A Theoretical Study

Electrically tunable spin diode effect in a tunneling junction of quantum dot

Accurate magnetic couplings in chromium-based molecular rings from broken-symmetry calculations within density functional theory.

Reversed even-odd oscillation of spin-polarized equilibrium conductance in an all-carbon junction

Electric Field Control of Spins in Molecular Magnets.

Exchange-dependent spin polarized transport and phase transition in a triple monomer molecule.

Spin-Transport Tuning of Individual Magnetic Mn-Salophen Molecule via Chemical Adsorption

First-principles many-body models for electron transport through molecular nanomagnets

Substrate‐Independent Magnetic Bistability in Monolayers of the Single‐Molecule Magnet [email protected] on Metals and Insulators

Theoretical insights on the importance of anchoring vs molecular geometry in magnetic molecules acting as junctions

Symmetry based molecular design for triplet excitation and optical spin injection.

Symmetry aspects of spin filtering in molecular junctions : Hybridization and quantum interference effects

Divalent Thulium Crown Ether Complexes with Field-Induced Slow Magnetic Relaxation.

Spinterface: A new platform for spintronics

Emergent electronically-controllable local-field-inducer based on a molecular break-junction with magnetic radical.

Magnetic anisotropy in divalent lanthanide complexes

Nanoscale Tantalum Layer Controlling the Magnetic Coupling between Two Ferromagnetic Electrodes via Insulator of a Magnetic Tunnel Junction

Probing weakly hybridized magnetic molecules by single-atom magnetometry.

Tuning spin filtering by anchoring groups in benzene derivative molecular junctions.

Tunable giant magnetoresistance in a single-molecule junction

Reversible coordination-induced spin-state switching in complexes on metal surfaces

Controlling Through‐Space and Through‐Bond Exchange Pathways in Bis‐Cobaltocenes for Molecular Spintronics†

Recent Advances in Molecular Spintronics: Multifunctional Spintronic Devices.

Technological Applications of Porphyrins and Related Compounds: Spintronics and Micro-/Nanomotors

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Molecular Spintronic 분자 스핀트로닉스

Molecular Spintronic 분자 스핀트로닉스
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