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Exergoeconomic analysis of conventional and using reactive distillation biodiesel production scenarios thermally integrated with a combined power plant

Comparison of small collection electrode CMOS pixel sensors with partial and full lateral depletion of the high-resistivity epitaxial layer

Application of Fuzzy Logic in Sensory Evaluation of Food Products: a Comprehensive Study

Extended tacrolimus release via the combination of lipid-based solid dispersion and HPMC hydrogel matrix tablets

Novel polystyrene/CeO2-TiO2 multicomponent core/shell abrasives for high-efficiency and high-quality photocatalytic-assisted chemical mechanical polishing of reaction-bonded silicon carbide

A Modified Communication and Optimal Resolution Program for Intersystem Medical Error Discovery: Protocol for an Implementation Study

Fresh Eyes: A Framework for the Application of Machine Learning to Generative Architectural Design, and a Report of Activities at Smartgeometry 2018

Detection of Structural Vibration with High-Rate Precise Point Positioning: Case Study Results Based on 100 Hz Multi-GNSS Observables and Shake-Table Simulation

Fabrication of a Micro/Nano-Net Membrane Using Cellulose Nanocrystals Derived from Seaweed.

Decoding the societal transitions on environmental innovation under vernacular timber construction practice in Sri lanka

Ammonia-based CO2 capture parameters optimization and analysis of lean and rich vapor compression processes

Translation and validation of two International Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Data Sets-a modified process.

Investigation of a Modified Fine Piercing Process on Extra Deep Drawing Grade Steel

Comparison in the performance of EDM and NPMEDM using Al2O3 nanopowder as an impurity in DI water dielectric

Performance enhancement of pressure-swing distillation process by the combined use of vapor recompression and thermal integration

Fast Calibration Methods for Resistive Sensor Readout Based on Direct Interface Circuits

Influence of the Process Parameters on the Penetration Depth of the Reinforcing Phase during Composite Peening for the Production of Functionally Graded Metal Matrix Composites

Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Live Demonstration : A Portable Multi-Ion Platform with Integrated Microfluidics

Low-temperature growth of uniform ultrathin TiO2 blocking layer for efficient perovskite solar cell

Translation and validation of two International Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Data Sets—a modified process

Dual-stage acid gas combustion to increase sulfur recovery and decrease the number of catalytic units in sulfur recovery units

Using TSX/TDX Pursuit Monostatic SAR Stacks for PS-InSAR Analysis in Urban Areas

Non-platinum complexes containing releasable biologically active ligands

Water productivity enhancement in variable pressure humidification dehumidification (HDH) desalination systems using heat pump

Safety and pharmacokinetics of Alpha-1 MP (Prolastin®-C) in Japanese patients with alpha1-antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency.

A New control structure for tert-amyl methyl ether production using reactive distillation.

Modified Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching of Bamboo Chemo-mechanical Pulp Using Aqueous Alcohol Media

Doping Ferroelectric Hafnium Oxide by in-Situ Precursor Mixing

Improvement of Chemotherapy Solutions Production Procedure in a Hospital Central Chemotherapy Preparation Unit: A Systematic Risk Assessment to Prevent Avoidable Harm in Cancer Patients

Study on Segmented Pricing Method of Electric Vehicles Charging Service fee Based on Clustering Algorithms

Direct growth of MWCNTs on modified stainless steel surface for flexible lithium ion batteries

Optimized hot workability of a powder metallurgy nickel-base superalloy

An electrochemical sensor for determination of nitrite based on Au nanoparticles decorated MoS2 nanosheets

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Modified Process 수정된 프로세스

Modified Process 수정된 프로세스
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