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Modified Kaolin sentence examples within Chemically Modified Kaolin

Thermodynamic, isothermal and kinetic studies of heavy metals adsorption by chemically modified Tanzanian Malangali kaolin clay

Evaluation of the Antimicrobial Protection of Pharmaceutical Kaolin and Talc Modified with Copper and Zinc

Modified Kaolin sentence examples within modified kaolin clay

Thermodynamic, isothermal and kinetic studies of heavy metals adsorption by chemically modified Tanzanian Malangali kaolin clay

Performance evaluation of surfactant modified kaolin clay in As(III) and As(V) adsorption from groundwater: adsorption kinetics, isotherms and thermodynamics

The Use of an Organo-Kaolinite Sorbent in a Permeable Reactive Barrier for Remediating Groundwater Contaminated with Methylene Blue Dye: Experimental and Theoretical Investigation

Preparation of nanocomposite silver/kaolin with antibacterial properties

Preparation and application of modified organo-kaolinite by microwave-assisted irradiation

Using thermal-acidic-modified kaolin as a physical-chemical conditioner for waste activated sludge dewatering

A kaolinite-tetrabutylphosphonium bromide intercalation compound as an effective intermediate for intercalation of bulky organophosphonium salts

The adsorption mechanism of heavy metals from coal combustion by modified kaolin: Experimental and theoretical studies.

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Thermal Degradation of Natural Rubber Vulcanizates Reinforced with Organomodified Kaolin Intercalates

Formation of oil-particle aggregates: Impacts of mixing energy and duration.

A route for large-scale preparation of multifunctional superhydrophobic coating with electrochemically-modified kaolin for efficient corrosion protection of magnesium alloys

Fabrication and characterization of robust zirconia-kaolin hollow fiber membrane: Alkaline dissolution study in ammonia solution

Study on synergistic expansion and flame retardancy of modified kaolin to low density polyethylene

Effects of Expanded Graphite, Aluminum Hydroxide, and Kaolin on Flame Retardancy and Smoke Suppression of Polyurethane Composites

Enhanced PbCl2 adsorption capacity of modified kaolin in the furnace using a combined method of thermal pre-activation and acid impregnation

Thermodynamic and Kinetic Behaviors of Copper (II) and Methyl Orange (MO) Adsorption on Unmodified and Modified Kaolinite Clay

Functionalizing non-smectic clay via methoxy-modification for enhanced removal and recovery of oxytetracycline from aqueous media.

Mitigation of ultrafine particulate matter emission from agricultural biomass pellet combustion by the additive of phosphoric acid modified kaolin

Functionalized kaolin as support for endoglucanase immobilization

Phosphorylated Cashew Nut Shell Liquid Prepolymer Modified Kaolin as a Reinforcing Filler for Rubber Vulcanizates—Comparison with SRSO Modified Kaolin and Cloisite

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Facile one-step microwave-assisted modification of kaolinite and performance evaluation of pickering emulsion stabilization for oil recovery application.

Adsorptive Removal of Phosphate from Aqueous Solution by Magnetic-Supported Kaolinite: Characteristics, Isotherm and Kinetic Studies

Interlayer grafting of kaolinite using trimethylphosphate.

Structural Nanocomposite Fabrication from Self-Assembled Choline Chloride Modified Kaolinite into Poly(Methylmethacrylate)

Sorption of Uranium on Some Natural Modified Clay Mineral Deposits.

Application of bio-based modified kaolin clay engineered as papermaking additive for improving the properties of filled recycled papers

Synthesis, characterization and catalytic methanation performance of modified kaolin-supported Ni-based catalysts

Correlations between the sodium adsorption capacity and the thermal behavior of modified kaolinite during the combustion of Zhundong coal

Investigation of potassium vapor time-resolved adsorption and potassium-sodium competitive adsorption by modified kaolinite

Vacuum Gas-Oil Cracking Catalysts Based on Fe-Modified Kaolinites with and Without Zeolites

Enhanced sodium adsorption capacity of kaolinite using a combined method of thermal pre-activation and intercalation-exfoliation: Alleviating the problems of slagging and fouling during the combustion of Zhundong coal

Proton conductivity and methanol permeability study of polymer electrolyte membranes with range of functionalized clay content for fuel cell application

Experimental study on enrichment of heavy metals by intercalation-exfoliation modified kaolin during coal combustion

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Modified Kaolin 수정된 카올린

Modified Kaolin 수정된 카올린
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