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Enzyme Catalyzed Hydrogel as Versatile Bioadhesive for Tissue Wound Hemostasis, Bonding, and Continuous Repair.

Preparation and evaluation of highly biocompatible nanogels with pH-sensitive charge-convertible capability based on doxorubicin prodrug.

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Precise control of synthetic hydrogel network structure via linear, independent synthesis-swelling relationships

Strong fish gelatin hydrogels enhanced by carrageenan and potassium sulfate

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Biodegradable waterborne polyurethane grafted with gelatin hydrolysate via solvent-free copolymerization for potential porous scaffold material.

Biodegradable waterborne polyurethane grafted with gelatin hydrolysate via solvent-free copolymerization for potential porous scaffold material.

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Toward Adipose Tissue Engineering Using Thiol-Norbornene Photo-Crosslinkable Gelatin Hydrogels.

Engineering microvasculature by 3D bioprinting of prevascularized spheroids in photo-crosslinkable gelatin

3D printing of Cu-doped bioactive glass composite scaffolds promotes bone regeneration through activating the HIF-1α and TNF-α pathway of hUVECs.

Silver-sepiolite (Ag-Sep) hybrid reinforced active gelatin/date waste extract (DSWE) blend composite films for food packaging application.

Development of photo-crosslinkable collagen hydrogel building blocks for vascular tissue engineering applications: A superior alternative to methacrylated gelatin?

Robust closure of post-endoscopic submucosal dissection perforation by microparticle-based wound dressing.

Injectable Hydrogel Based on Modified Gelatin and Sodium Alginate for Soft-Tissue Adhesive

An Injectable Hybrid Gelatin Methacryloyl (GelMA)/Phenyl Isothiocyanate-Modified Gelatin (Gel-Phe) Bioadhesive for Oral/Dental Hemostasis Applications

Effect of Alkyl Chain Length on Adsorption and Release of Hydrophobic Drug to/from Hydrophobically-modified Gelatin Hydrogel

3D Bioprinting of Biosynthetic Nanocellulose-Filled GelMA Inks Highly Reliable for Soft Tissue-Oriented Constructs

Tuning the Phenotype of Cartilage Tissue Mimics by Varying Spheroid Maturation and Methacrylamide-Modified Gelatin Hydrogel Characteristics.

Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional organic-inorganic composite hydrogel formed with tissue-adhesive property and inhibiting infection.

Preparation of 3D Print Scaffolds Fe3O4@ Food Oils/Chitosan/Polylactic Acid/Polyurethane Modified Natural Protein Pegylated for Cardiovascular Blood

Biomimetic Supramolecular Drug Delivery Hydrogels for Accelerated Skin Tissue Regeneration.

A long-term retaining molecular coating for corneal regeneration

Impact of modified gelatin on valvular microtissues

Extrusion-based 3D printing of photo-crosslinkable gelatin and κ-carrageenan hydrogel blends for adipose tissue regeneration.

Stretching of fibroblast cells on micropatterned gelatin on silicone elastomer.

Modification and crosslinking of gelatin-based biomaterials as tissue adhesives.

Mechanically robust photodegradable gelatin hydrogels for 3D cell culture and in situ mechanical modification

Additive manufacturing of photo-crosslinked gelatin scaffolds for adipose tissue engineering.

Copper-nanoparticle-embedded hydrogel for killing bacteria and promoting wound healing with photothermal therapy.

Photo-crosslinkable recombinant collagen mimics for tissue engineering applications.

Design of bio-inspired adhesive surface composed of hexanoyl group-modified gelatin and silicon nanowire.

Underwater-adhesive microparticle dressing composed of hydrophobically-modified Alaska pollock gelatin for gastrointestinal tract wound healing.

Recent advances in the development of nature-derived photocrosslinkable biomaterials for 3D printing in tissue engineering

Enzymatically-gellable gelatin improves nano-hydroxyapatite-alginate microcapsule characteristics for modular bone tissue formation.

A Spray-Filming Self-Healing Hydrogel Fabricated from Modified Sodium Alginate and Gelatin as a Bacterial Barrier.

High-Performance Lignin-Based Water-Soluble Macromolecular Photoinitiator for the Fabrication of Hybrid Hydrogel

Properties of films from fish gelatin prepared by molecular modification and direct addition of oxidized linoleic acid

A Multifunctional Hydrogel Delivers Gold Compound and Inhibits Human Lung Cancer Xenograft

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Modified Gelatin 변성 젤라틴

Modified Gelatin 변성 젤라틴
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