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Modified First sentence examples within order shear deformation

A five unknowns high order shear deformation finite element model for functionally graded plates bending behavior analysis

A Modified FSDT Model for Static Analysis of Smart Functionally Graded Shells

Modified First sentence examples within modified first order

Estimating Kinetic Rate Parameters for Enzymatic Degradation of Lyophilized Silk Fibroin Sponges

Numerical Analysis and Experimental Verification of Damage Identification Metrics for Smart Beam with MFC Elements to Support Structural Health Monitoring

Modified First sentence examples within modified first zagreb

On the trees with given matching number and the modified first Zagreb connection index

Some new bounds on the modified first Zagreb index

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Modified First sentence examples within modified first strain

Size-dependent vibration analysis of a rotating MR sandwich beam with varying cross section in supersonic airflow

Size-dependent vibration analysis of an axially moving sandwich beam with MR core and axially FGM faces layers in yawed supersonic airflow

Modified First sentence examples within modified first fit

Virtual Machine Placement Using Energy Efficient Particle Swarm Optimization in Cloud Datacenter

Approximate Solution Scheme for Inverse Bin-Packing Problem Subject to Decision Maker’s Preferences

Effects of Surface Trapping and Contact Ion Pairing on Ion Transport in Nanopores

Litter removal reduced soil nitrogen mineralization in repeated freeze-thaw cycles

Real-Time Noninvasive Measurement of Glucose Concentration Using a Modified Hilbert Shaped Microwave Sensor

Development of new and modified numerical methods for hyperbolic conservation laws

A Profile of Adverse Drug Reactions of Atazanavir- and Lopinavir-Based Antiretroviral Regimens in Namibia

Buckling analysis of carbon nanotube reinforced FG shells using an efficient solid-shell element based on a modified FSDT

Sliding Mode Based Combined Speed and Direct Thrust Force Control of Linear Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors With First-Order Plus Integral Sliding Condition

Static analysis of carbon nanotube-reinforced FG shells using an efficient solid-shell element with parabolic transverse shear strain

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Influence factors in the adjustment of parameters of the modified first-order kinetics equation used to model constructed wetland systems

State and runtime-aware scheduling in elastic stream computing systems

Surface hydrophobicity of sub-bituminous and meta-bituminous coal and their flotation kinetics

Silver nanoparticles deposition on silica, magnetite, and alumina surfaces for effective removal of Allura red from aqueous solutions

Migrations of Fish Juveniles in Dammed Rivers: the Role of Ecological Barriers


Media Pembelajaran Interaktif Geometri Molekul Kimia Menggunakan Augmented Reality Berbasis Android

Some KV Indices of Certain Dendrimers

Methane production kinetics of pretreated slaughterhouse wastewater

Some New Kulli-Basava Topological Indices

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Modified First 먼저 수정됨

Modified First 먼저 수정됨
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