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Performance Improvement of 4-Bit Static CMOS Carry Look-Ahead Adder Using Modified Circuits for Carry Propagate and Generate Terms

Design and experiment of nonlinear absorber for equal-peak and de-nonlinearity

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The plastic and the ultimate resistance of four-bolt extended end-plate connections

Advanced Composite Retrofit of RC Columns and Frames with Prior Damages—Pseudodynamic Finite Element Analyses and Design Approaches

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Beam-column design of cold-formed steel semi-oval hollow non-slender sections

Numerical analysis and design of cold-formed steel elliptical hollow sections under combined compression and bending

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Web crippling investigations of aluminium lipped channel sections under one-flange loading conditions

Web crippling capacities of fastened aluminium lipped channel sections subjected to one-flange loading conditions

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Behaviour of Segmental Concrete Beams Reinforced by Pultruded CFRP Plates: An Experimental Study

Behaviour of Gypsum Sheathed Point-symmetric Cold-formed Steel members: Assessment of AISI Design Method

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Behaviour and design of stainless steel-concrete composite beams

Stability of slender concrete-filled steel tubular X-column under axial compression

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Advanced Composite Retrofit of RC Columns and Frames with Prior Damages—Pseudodynamic Finite Element Analyses and Design Approaches

Design equation to evaluate bursting forces at the end zone of post-tensioned members

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Using a Design Thinking Approach for an Asynchronous Learning Platform during COVID-19

A Novel Space Systems Management Methodology Based on Shortcomings and Strengths of Conventional System Engineering Tools Used in a Design Thinking Framework

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Optimization and modeling of axial strength of concrete-filled double skin steel tubular columns using response surface and neural-network methods

Compressive behavior of slender profiled double-skin composite walls

Review on the recent development and applications of three dimensional (3D) photothermal materials for solar evaporators

Multi-floating-zone JTE for 4.5 kV SiC power devices with exponentially modulated dimensions

Designing a Microgrid for a Real Grid Tied PV System

Novel CAD-CAM zirconia coping design to enhance the aesthetics and strength for anterior PLZ crowns.

Modified Design and Implementation of Single Phase Seven Level Inverter with Different PWM Techniques

Microfluidic devices for behavioral screening of multiple Zebrafish Larvae: Design investigation process.

Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Helical Roof on the Performance of Stairmand High Efficiency Cyclone

Development of muffler design and its validation

Integrating sustainability and remanufacturing strategies by remanufacturing quality function deployment (RQFD)

A Modified Design of Class-E Power Amplifier with Balanced FETs and High Output Power for RFID Applications

Reporting Guidelines for Whole-Body Vibration Studies in Humans, Animals and Cell Cultures: A Consensus Statement from an International Group of Experts

Air-travel services industry in the post-COVID-19: the GPS (Guard-Potentiate-Shape) model for crisis navigation

Experimental and numerical investigations on a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) blown film cooling with a new design of the counter-flow/radial jet air-ring

The modified keystone flap in periarticular or large superficial tumor resection surgery

Physicochemical and mechanical characterization of a fiber-reinforced composite used as frameworks of implant-supported prostheses.

Performance improvement of a tubular solar still using V-corrugated absorber with wick materials: Numerical and experimental investigations

Design and optimization of gating system, modification of cooling system position and flow simulation for cold chamber high pressure die casting machine

Numerical simulations of the flow fields and temperature distribution in a section of a Boeing 767–300 aircraft cabin

Design optimization of a high-temperature fin-and-tube heat exchanger manifold – A case study

Numerical investigation on low-frequency noise damping performances of Helmholtz resonators with an extended neck in presence of a grazing flow

Reducing Weight of Freight Bogie Bolster Using Topology Optimization

Simulation and performance analysis of 15 Nm FinFET based carry skip adder

Perfluorocarbon liquid-assisted intraocular foreign body removal

Simulation-Based Investigation of the Performance of Delimiting Trapping Surveys for Insect Pests.


High Efficiency Compact Microwave Sources Using Electrostatic Potential Depression

Passive performance enhancement of parabolic trough solar concentrators using internal radiation heat shields

Phase change materials for improved performance and continuous output in stepped solar stills equipped with HDH

Retention of posterior resin bonded fixed dental prostheses with different designs after chewing simulation.

Generic Architecture for the Automatic Parametrization of Production Machine Assembly Programs

Application driven assessment of probe designs for Raman spectroscopy.

CFD Simulations for Performance Enhancement of a Solar Chimney Power Plant (SCPP) and Techno-Economic Feasibility for a 5 MW SCPP in an Indian Context

Fish Ladder Weir Modifications to Minimize Escapement

Improvement in performance of vented disc brake by geometrical modification of rotor

Retrograde intramedullary nail fixation compared with fixed-angle plate fixation for fracture of the distal femur: the TrAFFix feasibility RCT.

Impact of Dummy Logic Insertion on Xilinx Family for Hardware Trojan Prevention

Modelling of Grating based waveguide structures for Wavelength Division Multiplexing

Ecological footprint reduction of built envelope in India

Osmotic desalination by solar energy: A critical review

Kinematic Analysis of Carrier Mechanism for In-service Inspection of Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor Internals

Stripped Functionality Logic Locking With Hamming Distance-Based Restore Unit (SFLL-hd) – Unlocked

Development of Rigging System for Prefabricated Wood I-joist Floor Panels

A modified design of Raptor codes for small message length

Fractal Shape Dual-Band EBG integrated Textile Antenna

Modeling of Missile Rudder Based on Modelica

Developing Media Based on the Information and Communications Technology to Improve The Effectiveness of The Direct Instruction Method in Mathematics Learning

Functional nanocrystalline TiO2 thin films for UV enhanced highly responsive silicon photodetectors

Macroscopic Characterization of Grating Coupled Waveguide Structures for Optical Notch Filtering

Parametric Optimization of Single-Cylinder Four-Stroke Spark Ignition Engine Crankshaft Using Four Different Materials—AISI 1040, AISI 4340, AISI 4140 and AISI 4615

Study of an accurate electronic power measurement technique using modified current transformer and potential transformer

Generalized analysis of terahertz generation by tilted-pulse-front excitation in a LiNbO3 prism.

SafeSpec: Banishing the Spectre of a Meltdown with Leakage-Free Speculation

Isogeometric independent coefficients method for fast reanalysis of structural modifications

Ion-to-ion amplification through an open-junction ionic diode

Viscous Flows in the Impeller Pump

Does oxidized zirconium make a difference? Midterm cohort survivorship of symmetric posterior condyle posterior-stabilized total knee arthroplasty

Neuroscientific and Genetic Evidence in Criminal Cases: A Double-Edged Sword in Germany but Not in the United States?

Work improvement of air-and-screen cleaner of combine harvester

A Modified Design of a Hexagonal Circular Photonic Crystal Fiber with Large Negative Dispersion Properties and Ultrahigh Birefringence for Optical Broadband Communication

Design Implementation of Concentric Loops with Stubs Metamaterial Absorber

Design of All-Digital Phase Locked Loop for Improved Frequency Lock Range

Slot Cut Modified Triangular Shape Microstrip Antenna for Circular Polarization

Photovoltaic-Based Interconnected-Modified DC-Nanogrids within an Open Energy Distribution System

Piezoelectric-based uniaxial strain cell with high strain throughput and homogeneity

Design Principles of Reverse Arthroplasty

Feasibility Study of a Small Field Detector Based on a Microfluidic Calorimeter

Electronically reconfigurable parasitic antenna array for pattern selectivity

Modified Design 수정된 디자인

Modified Design 수정된 디자인
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