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Cyclodextrin-based delivery systems for dietary pharmaceuticals

Remote loading of curcumin-in-modified β-cyclodextrins into liposomes using a transmembrane pH gradient

Nanoencapsulation as fluorescence enhancer of vitamin L1 (anthranilic acid). An exhaustive study

Remediation of water pollution with native cyclodextrins and modified cyclodextrins: A comparative overview and perspectives

Drug Solubilization by Mixtures of Cyclodextrins: Additive and Synergistic Effects.

Thermodynamic Characterization of the Interaction between the Antimicrobial Drug Sulfamethazine and Two Selected Cyclodextrins

Evaluation of the properties of the essential oil citronellal nanoencapsulated by cyclodextrins.

Adsorption behavior of β-cyclodextrin onto gold nanoparticles.

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Modified Cyclodextrins 변형된 시클로덱스트린

Modified Cyclodextrins 변형된 시클로덱스트린
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