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Ride comfort analysis of driver seat using super twisting sliding mode controlled magnetorheological suspension system

Characterization of Magneto-Rheological Damper

The Effects of Mathematical Modelling of Magneto-rheological Dampers on Its Control Performance: A Comparative Study Between the Modified Bouc-Wen and the Maxwell Nonlinear Slider Hysteretic Models

Seismic performance and isolation design for 220kV surge arrester

Predicting Behavior of Steel-Clad, Wood-Framed Shear Walls under Cyclic Lateral Loading

Magnetorheological Damper Control for Semi-active Suspension System Using Skyhook-Differential Evolution

System Identification of Dampers Using Chaotic Accelerated Particle Swarm Optimization

Modified Bouc-Wen Model Based on Fractional Derivative and Application in Magnetorheological Elastomer

Parametric Estimation From Empirical Data Using Particle Swarm Optimization Method for Different Magnetorheological Damper Models

Development of a Modified Bouc-Wen Model for Butterfly Hysteresis Behaviors

Numerical Investigation of Semi-active Torsional Vibration Control of Heavy Turbo-generator Rotor using Magnetorheological Fluid Dampers

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Modified Bouc Wen 수정된 Bouc Wen

Modified Bouc Wen 수정된 Bouc Wen
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