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Modified Biochar sentence examples within scanning electron microscopy

Biochar-supported polyaniline hybrid for aqueous chromium and nitrate adsorption.

Removal of Cr by Modified Biochar Derived from Corn Husk.

Modified Biochar sentence examples within maximum adsorption capacity

Preparation of a Novel Millet Straw Biochar-Bentonite Composite and Its Adsorption Property of Hg2+ in Aqueous Solution

Enhanced adsorption of phosphorus in soil by lanthanum-modified biochar: improving phosphorus retention and storage capacity

Modified Biochar sentence examples within higher adsorption capacity

Sorption of Sulfamethoxazole on Inorganic Acid Solution-Etched Biochar Derived from Alfalfa

Removal of emerging contaminants (bisphenol A and antibiotics) from kitchen wastewater by alkali-modified biochar.

Modified Biochar sentence examples within Iron Modified Biochar

[Immobilization Mechanism of Four Types of Amendments on Cu and Cd in Polluted Paddy Soil].

The regulating effects and mechanism of biochar and maifanite on copper and cadmium in a polluted soil-Lolium perenne L. system

Modified Biochar sentence examples within Acid Modified Biochar

Removal of Sulfamethazine by Corn Biochars from Aqueous Solution: Sorption Mechanisms and Efficiency

Adsorption characteristics of modified rice straw biochar for Zn and in-situ remediation of Zn contaminated soil

Modified Biochar sentence examples within Biologically Modified Biochar

Engineered biochar – A sustainable solution for the removal of antibiotics from water

An integrated method to produce fermented liquid feed and biologically modified biochar as cadmium adsorbents using corn stalks.

Modified Biochar sentence examples within Fe Modified Biochar

Combining geophysics and material science for environmental remediation: Real-time monitoring of Fe-biochar arsenic wastewater treatment.

Efficient recovery of phosphate from simulated urine by Mg/Fe bimetallic oxide modified biochar as a potential resource.

Modified Biochar sentence examples within Prepare Modified Biochar

Adsorption of 4-chlorophenol by wheat straw biochar and its regeneration with persulfate under microwave irradiation

Preparation of sludge biochar rich in carboxyl/hydroxyl groups by quenching process and its excellent adsorption performance for Cr(VI).

Modified Biochar sentence examples within Chitosan Modified Biochar

Bifunctional MnFe2O4/chitosan modified biochar composite for enhanced methyl orange removal based on adsorption and photo-Fenton process

Immobilization of soil Cd (II) by modified biochars

Modified Biochar sentence examples within Surface Modified Biochar

Surface characterization of mesoporous biomass activated carbon modified by thermal chemical vapor deposition and adsorptive mechanism of nitrate ions in aqueous solution

Removal of gaseous elemental mercury by hydrogen chloride non-thermal plasma modified biochar.

Modified Biochar sentence examples within Alkali Modified Biochar

[Effect of Enteromorpha prolifera Biochar on the Adsorption Characteristics and Adsorption Mechanisms of Ammonia Nitrogen in Rainfall Runoff].

Microwave-assisted chemical modification method for surface regulation of biochar and its application for estrogen removal

Modified Biochar sentence examples within Chemically Modified Biochar

Unraveling sorption of nickel from aqueous solution by KMnO4 and KOH-modified peanut shell biochar: Implicit mechanism.

Critical review of magnetic biosorbents: Their preparation, application, and regeneration for wastewater treatment.

Modified Biochar sentence examples within Hydroxyapatite Modified Biochar

Synergistic effect of floatable hydroxyapatite-modified biochar adsorption and low-level CaCl2 leaching on Cd removal from paddy soil.

Competitive adsorption of tylosin, sulfamethoxazole and Cu(II) on nano-hydroxyapatitemodified biochar in water.

Modified Biochar sentence examples within Manganese Modified Biochar

Degradation of BTEXS with stable and pH-insensitive iron-manganese modified biochar from post pyrolysis.

[Cerium-manganese Modified Biochar Immobilizes Arsenic in Farmland Soils].

Modified Biochar sentence examples within Magnetically Modified Biochar

A potential method using magnetically modified wheat straw biochars for soil Cd extraction

Probing the efficiency of magnetically modified biomass-derived biochar for effective phosphate removal.

Modified Biochar sentence examples within Onto Modified Biochar

Immobilized redox mediators on modified biochar and their role on azo dye biotransformation in anaerobic biological systems: Mechanisms, biodegradation pathway and theoretical calculation

Preparation, characterization and application of surface modified biochar from date seed for improved lead, copper, and nickel removal from aqueous solutions

Modified Biochar sentence examples within Obtain Modified Biochar

Enhancement of Cd(II) adsorption by rice straw biochar through oxidant and acid modifications

Adsorption of Pb(II) by Montmorillonite modified biochars and reduction Pb(II)-stress in plants of microcosms of constructed wetlands: mechanism and treatment performances

Modified Biochar sentence examples within Oxide Modified Biochar

Fe/Al (hydr)oxides engineered biochar for reducing phosphorus leaching from a fertile calcareous soil

Effects of Fe-Mn impregnated biochar on enzymatic activity and bacterial community in phthalate-polluted brown soil planted with wheat.

Modified Biochar sentence examples within Novel Modified Biochar

Mechanism of sulfamic acid modified biochar for highly efficient removal of tetracycline

Facile fabrication and characterization of kenaf core as natural biochar for the highly efficient removal of selected endocrine-disrupting compounds

Modified Biochar sentence examples within modified biochar composite

Effects of Fe-Mn oxide-modified biochar composite applications on phthalate esters (PAEs) accumulation in wheat grains and grain quality under PAEs-polluted brown soil.

Effects of Fe-Mn impregnated biochar on enzymatic activity and bacterial community in phthalate-polluted brown soil planted with wheat.

Modified Biochar sentence examples within modified biochar derived

Effect of bed height on efficiency of adsorption of odors from sewage sludge using modified biochars from organic waste materials as an adsorbent

Efficient reclaiming phosphate from aqueous solution using waste limestone modified sludge biochar: Mechanism and application as soil amendments.

Modified Biochar sentence examples within modified biochar significantly

Sustainable phosphorus recovery from wastewater and fertilizer production in microbial electrolysis cells using the biochar-based cathode.

Effect of thiourea-modified biochar on adsorption and fractionation of cadmium and lead in contaminated acidic soil

Modified Biochar sentence examples within modified biochar produced

Combining geophysics and material science for environmental remediation: Real-time monitoring of Fe-biochar arsenic wastewater treatment.

Effectiveness of Biochar Obtained from Corncob for Immobilization of Lead in Contaminated Soil

Modified Biochar sentence examples within modified biochar exhibited

An Efficient Strategy for Enhancing the Adsorption Capabilities of Biochar via Sequential KMnO4-Promoted Oxidative Pyrolysis and H2O2 Oxidation

Self-sacrificial template synthesis of heteroatom doped porous biochar for enhanced electrochemical energy storage

Modified Biochar sentence examples within modified biochar showed

Performance of CO2 and Fe-modified lignin char on arsenic (V) removal from water.

Preparation of ammonium-modified cassava waste-derived biochar and its evaluation for synergistic adsorption of ternary antibiotics from aqueous solution.

Modified Biochar sentence examples within modified biochar adsorbent

Biochar Adsorbents for Arsenic Removal from Water Environment: A Review

A novel eco-friendly recycling of food waste for preparing biofilm-attached biochar to remove Cd and Pb in wastewater

Modified Biochar sentence examples within modified biochar electrode

Graphene-modified biochar anode on the electrical performance of MFC

Functionalized biochar electrodes for asymmetrical capacitive deionization

Response of soil characteristics to biochar and Fe-Mn oxide-modified biochar application in phthalate-contaminated fluvo-aquic soils.

Mechanism of removal and degradation characteristics of dicamba by biochar prepared from Fe-modified sludge.

Capture and recover dissolved phosphorous from aqueous solutions by a designer biochar: Mechanism and performance insights.

Iron Modification of Biochar Developed from Tectona grandis Linn. F. for Adsorptive Removal of Tetracycline from Aqueous Solution

The study of laccase immobilization optimization and stability improvement on CTAB-KOH modified biochar

Model sorption of industrial wastewater containing Cu2+, Cd2+, and Pb 2+ using individual and mixed rice husk biochar

Fe(III) modified Egeria najas driven-biochar for highly improved reduction and adsorption performance of Cr(VI)

Application of Biochar in Stormwater Treatment: Experimental and Modeling Investigation

Characteristics and Mechanism of Pb2+ Adsorption From Aqueous Solution Onto Biochar Derived From Microalgae and Chitosan-Modified Microalgae

Effects of iron-modified biochar with S-rich and Si-rich feedstocks on Cd immobilization in the soil-rice system.

The Fe3O4-modified biochar reduces arsenic availability in soil and arsenic accumulation in indica rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Facile preparation of a novel modified biochar-based supramolecular self-assembled g-C3N4 for enhanced visible light photocatalytic degradation of phenanthrene.

Removal performance and mechanisms of toxic hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)) with ZnCl2 enhanced acidic vinegar residue biochar.

Effect and influencing factors of modified biochar adsorption for the removal of nitrate nitrogen from water bodies

[Remediation Effect of Compound Modifier FZB on Arsenic and Cadmium Contaminated Soil].

Arsenic availability and transportation in soil-rice system affected by iron-modified biochar

Effect and mechanism of changes in physical structure and chemical composition of new biochar on Cu(II) adsorption in an aqueous solution

Effects of phosphorus modified nZVI-biochar composite on emission of greenhouse gases and changes of microbial community in soil.

Enhanced heavy metals sorption by modified biochars derived from pig manure

Magnetic-watermelon rinds biochar for uranium-contaminated water treatment using an electromagnetic semi-batch column with removal mechanistic investigations.

Comparative Study of Biochar Modified with Different Functional Groups for Efficient Removal of Pb(II) and Ni(II)

Modified biochar promotes the direct interspecies electron transfer between iron-reducing bacteria and methanogens in high organic loading co-digestion.

Adsorption and interaction mechanism of uranium (VI) from aqueous solutions on phosphate-impregnation biochar cross-linked Mg Al layered double-hydroxide composite

Chitosan-modified biochar immobilised arsenic in root medium and enhanced the growth of zucchini (cv. Courgette d

Potassium availability in ash-modified biochar and its impact on plant growth

Quantitative analysis on the mechanism of Cd2+ removal by MgCl2-modified biochar in aqueous solutions.

Enhanced degradation of organic contaminants using catalytic activity of carbonaceous structures: A strategy for the reuse of exhausted sorbents.

Different Response to Cd2+ Adsorption by Alkali-modified Biochars Derived From Soybean Straw and Rape Straw

Efficient Recovery of Phosphate from Aqueous Solution Using Biochar Derived from Co-pyrolysis of Sewage Sludge with Eggshell

Cd immobilization and soil quality under Fe-modified biochar in weakly alkaline soil.

Mobilization or immobilization? The effect of HDTMA-modified biochar on As mobility and bioavailability in soil.

Specifically designed magnetic biochar from waste wood for arsenic removal

[Effect of Biochar and Chemical Fertilizer Mixture on Ammonia Volatilization and Phosphorus Fixation].

Estimation of the biogeochemical reactivities of dissolved organic matter from modified biochars using color.

Quantitative analysis of Pb adsorption on sulfhydryl-modified biochar

[Characteristics of Modified Biochars and Their Immobilization Effect on Cu and Cd in Polluted Farmland Soil Around Smelter].

Preparation and evaluation of various banana-based biochars together with ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry for determination of diverse pesticides in fruiting vegetables.

Effects of aging on surface properties and endogenous copper and zinc leachability of swine manure biochar and its composite with alkali-fused fly ash.

Assessing arsenic redox state evolution in solution and solid phase during As(III) sorption onto chemically-treated sewage sludge digestate biochars.

[Characteristics and Heavy Metal Adsorption Performance of Sewage Sludge-derived Biochar from Co-pyrolysis with Transition Metals].

Application of iron-modified biochar for arsenite removal and toxicity reduction

Progress in the preparation and application of modified biochar for improving heavy metal ion removal from wastewater

Polyethyleneimine-modified biochar for enhanced phosphate adsorption

Analyses of tetracycline adsorption on alkali-acid modified magnetic biochar: Site energy distribution consideration.

Preparation and characterization of a novel graphene/biochar composite and its application as an adsorbent for Cd removal from aqueous solution

Synthesis of Iron-Modified Biochar Derived from Rice Straw and Its Application to Arsenic Removal

Modified Biochar 수정된 바이오 숯

Modified Biochar 수정된 바이오 숯
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