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Transmission properties of transition metal dichalcogenides and modified graphene thin films in visible, NIR and THz frequency ranges

Transmission Properties of FeCl3-Intercalated Graphene and WS2 Thin Films for Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy Applications

Osteochondral regeneration using constructs of mesenchymal stem cells made by bio three‐dimensional printing in mini‐pigs

A Novel 2D Off-Grid DOA Estimation Method Based on Compressive Sensing and Least Square Optimization

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Modified 2D-2D ZnIn2S4/BiOCl van der Waals heterojunctions with CQDs: Accelerated charge transfer and enhanced photocatalytic activity under vis- and NIR-light.

3D‐Printed Hydrogel Composites for Predictive Temporal (4D) Cellular Organizations and Patterned Biogenic Mineralization

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Modified 2d 수정된 2d

Modified 2d 수정된 2d
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