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Comparison of different infiltration schemes in the regional climate model REMO

Different approaches of finding European climate analogue regions for the Steigerwald forest (Germany) in the future

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Development of a Condensation Model and a New Design of a Condensation Hood—Numerical and Experimental Study

Improved email classification through enhanced data preprocessing approach

Model Remo sentence examples within System Model Remo

Present and future projections of heatwave hazard-risk over India: A regional earth system model assessment.

Modeling of Persistence, Non-Acceptance and Sufficiency in Long-Term Energy Scenarios for Germany

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Blind calibration for arrays with an aberration layer in ultrasound imaging

A Dynamic Flight Model for Slocum Gliders and Implications for Turbulence Microstructure Measurements

Model Remo sentence examples within Item Model Remo

Validating the visceral sensitivity index in an eating disorder sample.

Validation of the food craving Acceptance and action questionnaire (FAAQ) in a weight loss-seeking sample

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Data Augmentation Technique to Expand Road Dataset Using Mask RCNN and Image Inpainting

Assimilation of coupled microwave/thermal infrared soil moisture profiles into a crop model for robust maize yield estimates over Southeast United States

Performance modeling of multipath mobile data offloading in cellular/WiFi networks with bandwidth uncertainty

Ordinary state-based peridynamic shell model with arbitrary horizon domains for surface effect correction

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A stacking-based classification approach to android malware using host-level encrypted traffic

Soluble cluster of differentiation 14 levels elevated in bile from gallbladder cancer cases from Shanghai, China

Deep Demosaicing Using ResNet-Bottleneck Architecture

Secure and Fast Decision Tree Evaluation on Outsourced Cloud Data

MCNP-FBSM: Development of MCNP/MCNPX Source Model for Simulation of Multi-Slice Fan-Beam X-Ray CT Scanners

An Application of Geographical Random Forests for Population Estimation in Dakar, Senegal using Very-High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

Customizable Automatic Lower Cost Feeder using Free Hardware / Software and Scrap

Cortical Neuromodulation of Remote Regions after Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury Normalizes Forelimb Function but is Temporally Dependent.

A new method for parametric design of hull surface based on energy optimization

Philos-type oscillation criteria for linear differential equations with impulsive effects

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Identifying Electric Power Demand in Structural Path Analysis: A Case Study of 30 Chinese Provinces

Batch washing of lead contaminated and spiked soils using extracts of dried Terminalia mantaly, Panicum maximum and Eleusine indica plants

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A conceptual model for building publishing services on top of a distributed network of repositories

Lightning Strike to a Tall Grounded Object: Part 1. Circuit Modeling With Direction Dependence

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Model Remo 모델 레모
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