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Mobility Enhancement sentence examples within Carrier Mobility Enhancement

Charge carrier mobility of halide perovskite single crystals for ionizing radiation detection

Enhancing Thermoelectrics for Small-Bandwidth n-Type PbTe-MnTe Alloys via Balancing Compromise.

Mobility Enhancement sentence examples within Electron Mobility Enhancement

Oxygen annealing of the ZnO nanoparticle layer for the high-performance PbS colloidal quantum-dot photovoltaics

Strain and surface orientation engineering in extremely-thin body Ge and SiGe-on-insulator MOSFETs fabricated by Ge condensation

Mobility Enhancement sentence examples within Field Mobility Enhancement

Modeling of the electrical characteristics of an organic field effect transistor in presence of the bending effects

An analytical modeling approach to the electrical behavior of the bottom-contact organic thin-film transistors in presence of the trap states

Mobility Enhancement sentence examples within Hole Mobility Enhancement

Toward Unusual-High Hole Mobility of p-Channel Field-Effect-Transistors.

Sige Layers Defect of 28nm Node PMOSFETS In Advanced CMOS Technology

Mobility Enhancement sentence examples within Effective Mobility Enhancement

Mobility enhancement of DNTT and BTBT derivative organic thin-film transistors by triptycene molecule modification

Low temperature influence on performance and transport of Ω-gate p-type SiGe-on-insulator nanowire MOSFETs

Mobility Enhancement sentence examples within mobility enhancement robotic

A Heuristic Approach to Overcome Architectural Barriers Using a Robotic Wheelchair

Usability Evaluation of a Novel Robotic Power Wheelchair for Indoor and Outdoor Navigation.

Mobility Boost in Transparent Oxide Semiconductors with High-κ Gated TFTs

Solid-liquid interaction caused by minor wetting in gravel-ice mixtures: A key factor for the mobility of rock-ice avalanches

Surface smoothing of bulk metallic glasses by femtosecond laser double-pulse irradiation

A Facile and Effective Ozone Exposure Method for Wettability and Energy-Level Tuning of Hole-Transporting Layers in Lead-Free Tin Perovskite Solar Cells.

Growth of ZnSnO nano structures for thermopower applications by thermal evaporation with and without oxygen precursor

Performance Boosts in n-Type Lateral Double-Diffused MOSFET With Process-Induced Strain Using Contact Etch Stop Layer Stressor

A face-machine interface utilizing EEG artifacts from a neuroheadset for simulated wheelchair control

Tradeoffs between safe/comfortable headways versus mobility-enhancing headways in an automated driving environment: preliminary insights using a driving simulator experiment

How Molecular Mobility, Physical State, and Drug Distribution Influence the Naproxen Release Profile from Different Mesoporous Silica Matrices.

Facial-Machine Interface-based Virtual Reality Wheelchair Control using EEG Artifacts of Emotiv Neuroheadset

Stretching the Equilibrium Limit of Sn in Ge1–xSnx Nanowires: Implications for Field Effect Transistors

A Physical Modeling Study of Mobility Enhancement in Stressed Ge-on-insulator pMOSFET

Gamma-ray irradiation-induced mobility enhancement of 4H-SiC NMOSFETs with a Ba-silicate interface layer

A competitive hopping model for carrier transport in disordered organic semiconductors.

High quality hydrogen silsesquioxane encapsulated graphene devices with edge contacts

Multiarm and Substituent Effects on Charge Transport of Organic Hole Transport Materials

Performance Analysis of FinFET device Using Qualitative Approach for Low-Power applications

Strain-engineering of charge transport in the correlated Dirac semimetal of perovskite CaIrO3 thin films

Performance Evaluation of Gate-All-Around Si Nanowire Transistors with SiGe Strain engineering

Rotation of a superhydrophobic cylinder in a viscous liquid

Comparison between nMOS and pMOS Ω-gate nanowire down to 10 nm width as a function of back gate bias

Assistive Technologies for Geriatric Population

Electron mobility enhancement in an undoped Si/SiGe heterostructure by remote carrier screening

Impact of Liquid-Crystalline Chain Alignment on Charge Transport in Conducting Polymers

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Mobility Enhancement 이동성 향상

Mobility Enhancement 이동성 향상
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