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CAD-based identification of product low-carbon design optimization potential: a case study of low-carbon design for automotive in China

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The “Environmental Activation Energy” of Modularity and Conditions for an Environmental Payback

Research on the low power portable mobile power supply using single-chip microcontroller for 4G networks

Modern aspects of the development of financial inclusion in rural areas of the Russian Federation

Design of Green Tax System Plan for China’s Automobile Products and Evaluation on Environmental Benefits

Research on the tax support policy for implementing the Extended Producer Responsibility – Taking End-of-Life Vehicle Collecting and Dismantling Enterprises as an Example

Research on Big Data Theory and Trend of Quality Management in Automobile Industry

Rapid Prospective Risk Assessment of Mobile Products in Healthcare

Dynamic Automobile Assembly Process using IOT

Household hazardous waste characterization and quantification at source in Thailand

Colorful conducting polymers for vivid solar panels

Thoughts on the Development of Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry in China

Construction of Digital Model of Auto Parts Based On 3D Printing Technology

9.5 A 6K-MAC Feature-Map-Sparsity-Aware Neural Processing Unit in 5nm Flagship Mobile SoC

Research on the Algorithm of Intelligent Review of Image Content

Analysis the Drivers of Environmental Responsibility of Chinese Auto Manufacturing Industry Based on Triple Bottom Line

Institutional, Technology, and Policies of End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling Industry and Its Indication on the Circular Economy- Comparative Analysis Between China and Japan

Non-Destructive 3D Characterization of Application Processor Panel Level Package Used in Galaxy Smartwatch

A Study on the Value Added Criterion of Rules of Origin under FTAs with the US and EU: Focusing on Automotive Sector

Creating and Applying an Evaluation Framework for the National Decision Support Programme in Scotland

New standby power targets

Defects and Failure Modes of Automobile Braking System Based on Pareto Diagram

Estimation of Solder Ball Collapse Height in Semiconductor Packaging Using Theoretical and Solid Modeling Techniques

8.3 A 10.9W 93.4%-Efficient (27W 97%-Efficient) Flying-Inductor Hybrid DC-DC Converter Suitable for 1-Cell (2-Cell) Battery Charging Applications

Shift-Left Vertification in HDAP Design

Comprehensive Investigation on Warpage Management of FOPLP with Multi Embedded Ring Designs

A study on Chinese Consumer Behavior of Korean Automobiles

Design and Simulation of Seat Handle Using Plastic Injection Molding Process

Shape control of hierarchical lithium cobalt oxide using biotemplates for connected nanoparticles

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Faktor-Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Customer Retention Di PT. Erafone Mega Mall Manado

Research on Fatigue Test Based on Mobile Phone Gesture Design

Application of Data Mining Technology in the Recall of Defective Automobile Products in China ——A Typical Case of the Construction of Digital China

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