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Influence of Inductive Effect in Organic Residuals Content in IZO Thin Films and The Performance on The Behavior of MIS Capacitors on Plastic

Leakage Current Analysis Method for Metal Insulator Semiconductor Capacitors Through Low-Frequency Noise Measurement.

Electrical characterization of high k-dielectrics for 4H-SiC MIS devices

High-quality SiN x /p-GaN metal-insulator-semiconductor interface with low-density trap states

Impact of remote oxygen scavenging on the interfacial characteristics of atomic layer deposited LaAlO3

The Characteristics of Transparent Non-Volatile Memory Devices Employing Si-Rich SiOX as a Charge Trapping Layer and Indium-Tin-Zinc-Oxide

Impacts of Deposition Temperature and Annealing Condition on Ozone-Ethylene Radical Generation-TEOS-CVD SiO2 for Low-Temperature TSV Liner Formation

Impact of γ Radiation on Charge Trapping Properties of Nanolaminated HfO2/Al2O3 ALD Stacks

Impact of border traps in ultrathin metal-organic framework Cu3(BTC)2 based capacitors

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Mis Capacitors 미스 커패시터

Mis Capacitors 미스 커패시터
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