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Basin-fill development from marine to intermontane settings: Lithostratigraphy, Sedimentology and Paleogeography of the Malacatos-Vilcabamba basin in the southern Ecuadorian Andes

Outer Cilicia Basin – A piggy back basin developed in an intramontane setting following the partitioning of a large ancestral Miocene basin across the northeastern Mediterranean

Dextral Strike‐Slip and Normal Faulting During Middle Miocene Back‐Arc Extension and Westward Anatolia Extrusion in Central Greece

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Integrated seismic ambient noise, magnetotellurics and gravity data for the 2D interpretation of the Vallès basin structure in the geothermal system of La Garriga-Samalús (NE Spain)

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Miocene Basin 중신세 분지

Miocene Basin 중신세 분지
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