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Hybrid territorialisation: A reconfiguration of rural spaces through gold mining in Upper Guinea

Understanding Gold Mining and Social Conflicts in Kyrgyzstan

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Selected Artificial Intelligence Methods in the Risk Analysis of Damage to Masonry Buildings Subject to Long-Term Underground Mining Exploitation

Occurrence consequences of mining terrain surface discontinuous linear deformations in a residential building

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The Deterioration of Geoheritage in the Central Spanish Volcanic Region by Open-Pit Mining

The Deterioration of Geoheritage in the Central Spanish Volcanic Region by Open-Pit Mining

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Penggalian Tambang Ilegal yang Terjadi di Kecamatan Sukatani Kabupaten Purwakarta Dihubungkan dengan Peraturan Daerah Kabupaten Purwakarta Nomor 6.A Tahun 2009 Tentang Pengelolaan Pertambangan Umum

Visiones de los Andes: Ensayos críticos sobre el concepto de paisaje y región [Visions of the Andes: Critical essays on the notion of landscape and region]. Edited by Ximena Briceño and Jorge Coronado

Land Subsidence Estimation for Aquifer Drainage Induced by Underground Mining

The role of expansion joints for traditional buildings affected by the curvature of the mining area

Discontinuous Geochemical Monitoring of the Galleria Italia Circumneutral Waters (Former Hg-Mining Area of Abbadia San Salvatore, Tuscany, Central Italy) Feeding the Fosso Della Chiusa Creek

Tectonic Structure and Relationship with Sinkhole Harzard in Bang Lung Area, Cho Don District, Bac Kan Province

Duration of the final phase of mining area deformation process in the conditions of Upper Silesia (Poland)

Malaria in populations with mining occupation, Colombia, 2012-2018

Mining terrain curvatures approximation using the polynomials and a subsidence trough profile fragmentation

The evaluation of flora and fauna in coal mine reclamation land (case study: PT Dharma Puspita Mining, East Kalimantan, Indonesia)

Study on coupling between mineral resources exploitation and the mining ecological environment in Shanxi Province

Anthropogenic transformations in the glaciotectionical area in the Polish part of the Muskau Arch

High Levels of Heavy Metals detected in Feathers of an Avian Scavenger Warn of a High Pollution Risk in the Atacama Desert (Chile)

A Remote Sensing Approach to Assess the Impact of Mining Subsidence on Native Vegetation

Mapping and quantification of ferruginous outcrop savannas in the Brazilian Amazon: A challenge for biodiversity conservation

Adapting of bridges at mining area to the lowered bed of rivers

La minería de carbón en Colombia y la situación económica de las mujeres rurales: la comunidad El Hatillo (Cesar, Colombia)

No todo lo que brilla es oro: acción colectiva en minería aurífera. El caso de Buriticá, Antioquia

Predicting Methane Concentration in Longwall Regions Using Artificial Neural Networks

Fortificación romana y minas en el Barranco Abadejo (Paterna del Campo, Huelva)

Opportunities of electrokinetics for the remediation of mining sites in Biga peninsula, Turkey.

Analysis of Heavy Metal in Water used for Irrigation, Soil and Some Vegetables grown around Tin Mine Areas of Heipang District, Barkin-Ladi Local Government of Plateau State

Can contaminated waters or wastewater be alternative sources for technology-critical elements? The case of removal and recovery of lanthanides.

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Mining Exploitation 광업 착취

Mining Exploitation 광업 착취
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