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Validation of Mini-Mental Adjustment to Cancer scale in a Moroccan sample of breast cancer women

The influence of support and medical data on the level of illness acceptance, the way of coping with a stressful situation, and mental adjustment to the disease among cancer patients.

Psychometric properties of Spanish version of the Mini-Mental Adjustment to Cancer Scale

Coping strategies and perceived social support among cancer patients: A cross-sectional analysis

Mental Adjustment as a Predictor of Comprehensive Quality of Life Outcome among Patients with Terminal Cancer

Unmet psycho-social needs, coping strategies and psychological distress among people with cancer: Evidence from Pakistan.

Self-efficacy for coping: utility of the Cancer behavior inventory (Italian) for use in palliative care

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Mini Mental Adjustment 미니 정신 조정

Mini Mental Adjustment 미니 정신 조정
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