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Switch-Reconfigurable Metal Rim MIMO Handset Antenna With Distributed Feeding

Novel Multicore PCB and Substrate Solutions for Ultra Broadband Dual Polarized Antennas for 5G Millimeter Wave Covering 28GHz & 39GHz Range

9.4 A 145GHz FMCW-Radar Transceiver in 28nm CMOS

$4 \times 4$ MIMO Performance of Two Conjoined Dual Wideband Antennas Including the Feedline Effects for 5G Smartphones

21.2 A 27-to-41GHz MIMO Receiver with N-Input-N-Output Using Scalable Cascadable Autonomous Array-Based High-Order Spatial Filters for Instinctual Full-FoV Multi-Blocker/Signal Management

Lightweight Secure Architectural Framework for Internet of Things

A Scalable Four-Channel Frequency-Division Multiplexing MIMO Radar Utilizing Single-Sideband Delta–Sigma Modulation

Eight Element Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Antenna for 5G Mobile Applications

A Compact 76-81 GHz 3TX/4RX Transceiver for FMCW Radar Applications in 65-nm CMOS Technology

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Mimo Operation 미모 오퍼레이션

Mimo Operation 미모 오퍼레이션
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