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Migration intentions of international distance education students studying from a South African institution: unpacking potential brain drain

Perceived environmental risks and insecurity reduce future migration intentions in hazardous migration source areas

Psychological Factors of Youth Emigration Intentions: A Review of International Studies

The unintended consequences of US immigration enforcement policies

Current Trend and Determinants of Intentions to Migrate: Evidence From China


The Internetization of International Migration

Postgraduate career and emigration intentions: A cross-sectional study of house officers in a North Central, Nigerian Tertiary Hospital

Brexit and the European National Health Service England Workforce: A Quantitative Analysis of Doctors’ Perceived Professional Impact and Intentions to Leave the United Kingdom

Determinan Intensi Migrasi Mahasiswa Kesehatan untuk Bekerja di Negara Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)

Telling Our Stories: Resilience during Resettlement for African Skilled Migrants in Australia

How has COVID-19 Affected the Intention to Migrate via the Backway to Europe and to a Neighboring African Country?: Survey Evidence and a Salience Experiment in the Gambia

Labour Immigration During the Coronavirus Pandemic and its Consequences in the Socioeconomic Development of Modern Russia

Did they stay or did they go: The role of intention behind re-migration behaviour

A magyar orvosmigráció jellemzői a 2010-es években • Characteristics of Hungarian Medical Migration in the 2010s

Postgraduate training abroad and migration intentions of medical doctors and students in Gaza: a cross-sectional survey

State Scholarship Programs and Grants as a Factor of the Human Capital Development: Russian and Foreign Experience

“What Are You Really Doing in This Country?”: Emigration Intentions of Nigerian Doctors and Their Policy Implications for Human Resource for Health Management

Domestic and international migration intentions in response to environmental stress: A global cross-country analysis

Migration Intentions and Alcohol Use Among Adolescents in West-Central Mexico

“I Have to Further My Studies Abroad”: Student Migration in Ghana

Agricultural education and migration: A comparison of rural youth in El Salvador and Honduras

Evaluation of the relationship between youth entrepreneurship and emigration intentions: theoretical-methodological aspects

“Negotiating the Border”: Zimbabwean Migrant Mothers and Shifting Immigration Policy and Law in South Africa

Discourses of Migration and Belonging: How Language Shapes the Return-Thinking Processes of Ethiopians in Canada

The Life Experience and Satisfaction of Foreign Students in Eastern China: A Case of Anhui Province

Immigrants’ Intentions – Leaning Towards Remigration or Naturalization?

Personality traits, migration intentions, and cultural distance

Факторы миграционных намерений талантливых выпускников ведущих вузов России

Migration and online job search: A gravity model approach

Exploring Satisfaction and Migration Intentions of Physicians in Three University Hospitals in Poland

Migration intentions of Asian and African medical students educated in China: a cross-sectional study

Education, Political Discontent, and Emigration Intentions: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Turkey

Economic turbulence and labour migrants’ mobility intentions: Polish migrants in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands and Germany 2009–2016

Financial Crisis and Brain Drain: An Investigation of the Emigration Intentions of Greek Scientists

The Human Impacts of Air Pollution: Three Studies Using Internet Metrics

Settlement or Mobility? Immigrants’ Re-migration Decision-Making Process in a High-Income Country Setting

Motivations for Studying Abroad and Immigration Intentions: The Case of Vietnamese Students.

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Migration Intentions 마이그레이션 의도

Migration Intentions 마이그레이션 의도
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