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Thermal, Optical, and IR-Emission Properties of Extremely Low Hydroxyl TeO2-WO3-Bi2O3-La2O3-xEr2O3 Glasses for Mid-Infrared Photonics

Mid-Infrared Supercontinuum Generation in Germanium Waveguides

Carrier Dynamics in Thin Germanium–Tin Epilayers

Interface structure and luminescence properties of epitaxial PbSe films on InAs(111)A

Electrically Controlled Thermal Radiation from Reduced Graphene Oxide Membranes.

WA2.3 - Development of GeSn Emitters and Detectors towards Integrated Mid-Infrared Photonics Applications (Invited)

Low loss germanium-on-silicon waveguides for integrated mid-infrared photonics

Tellurene: A Multifunctional Material for Midinfrared Optoelectronics

Black phosphorus and its isoelectronic materials

Hybrid longitudinal-transverse phonon polaritons

Shape optimization for the design of passive mid-infrared photonic components

Amorphous Germanium for Mid Infrared Photonics

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Mid Infrared Photonics 중적외선 포토닉스

Mid Infrared Photonics 중적외선 포토닉스
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