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A Model for Joint Engineering-Economic Analysis of Cellular Systems

Missing-level statistics in classically chaotic quantum systems with symplectic symmetry.

Spectral duality in graphs and microwave networks

Delay-time distribution in the scattering of short Gaussian pulses in microwave networks.

Supervised and Semi-Supervised Learning for Failure Identification in Microwave Networks

A new spectral invariant for quantum graphs

A Microwave Network Interconnected by Flexible Printed Board

Microwave Circuit Analysis

Unexpected Properties of Open Quantum Graphs and Microwave Networks

Broadband dispersion engineering of CRLH Transmission Lines for low signal distortion in backward regime

Simultaneous Differential Interrogation for Multiple FBGs Based on Crossed Sagnac Loops and Microwave Network

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Microwave Networks 마이크로파 네트워크

Microwave Networks 마이크로파 네트워크
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