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Effects of the addition of transition metals on phase equilibria and phase transformations in TiAl systems in between 1473 and 1073 K

Strength evolutions of varying water content-dredged sludge stabilized with alkali-activated ground granulated blast-furnace slag

Microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of SAC305 with the intense pulsed light soldering process under high-temperature storage test

A comparative study on the evolutions of thermal and mechanical parameters and microstructure of 30Si2MnCrMoVE steel during hot ACDR and upsetting deformation

Utilization of waste red gypsum in autoclaved aerated concrete preparation

Proton irradiation induced phase transformation in Ni-Mn-Ga thin films

Unified Modelling of Flow Stress and Microstructural Evolution of 300M Steel under Isothermal Tension

Microstructure evolution of spray deposited and as-cast 2195 Al-Li alloys during homogenization

Diffusivity of cement paste via a continuum-based microstructure and hydration model: Influence of cement grain shape

Characterization of the Oxidation of 3D Needled C/C Composite by Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Micro-Computed Tomography

Physics-based modeling of γ/γ′ microstructure evolution and creep constitutive relation for single crystal superalloy

Microstructural and mechanical evaluation of submerged arc welded HSLA 4135 steel by modeled and manufactured granular Cr-Mo bonded active basic flux

Controlling the early-age hydration heat release of cement paste for deep-water oil well cementing: A new composite designing approach

Modelling of ultra-thin steel sheet in two-stage tensile deformation considering strain path change and grain size effect and application in multi-stage microforming

A novel carbon thermal reduction approach to prepare recorded purity β-Ti3O5 compacts from titanium dioxide and phenolic resin

Mechanical Property and Microstructure Evolution in SAC and $\text{SAC} +\mathrm{X}$ Lead Free Solders Exposed to Various Thermal Cycling Profiles

Effects of quenching temperature on bainite transformation, retained austenite and mechanical properties of hot-galvanized Q&P steel

Effect of microstructure evolution of Ti6Al4V alloy on its cavitation erosion and corrosion resistance in artificial seawater

Microstructure evolution of railway pearlitic wheel steels under rolling-sliding contact loading

Hot and Cold Deformation Behaviors and Microstructure Evolutions of Mn18Cr18N Austenitic Stainless Steel with High-Nitrogen

Hot compression behaviors and microstructure evolutions of a cast dual-phase NiCoFeCrAl0.7 high-entropy alloy

Microstructure evolution under [110] creep in Ni-base superalloys

Isothermal holding processes of a reduced activation ferritic/martensitic steel to form a bainitic/martensitic multiphase microstructure and its mechanical properties

Cerium and lanthanum substitution in Nd2Fe14B-based hard magnetic alloys for balanced utilization of rare-earth resources

Dynamic recrystallization and solute precipitation during friction stir assisted incremental forming of AA2024 sheet

Modeling research on laser quenching process of GCr15 bearing steel basing on material properties obtained with experimental methods

Prominent role of high-volume fraction Mg17Al12 dynamic precipitations on multimodal microstructure formation and strength-ductility synergy of Mg–Al–Zn alloys processed by hard-plate rolling (HPR)

Evolution of deformation twins with strain rate in a medium-manganese wear-resistant steel Fe–8Mn–1C–1.2Cr–0.2V

Effect of Multipass Friction Stir Processing on Surface Corrosion Resistance and Wear Resistance of ZK60 Alloy

Effect of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of a selective laser melted Cu–15Ni–8Sn alloy

Experimental study on macro- and microstress state, microstructural evolution of austenitic and ferritic steel processed by shot peening

Effects of semisolid treatment and ECAP on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-6.52Zn-0.95Y alloy with icosahedral phase

Thermodynamic assessment of the Ce-Fe-Sb system

Phase behavior and hot storage characteristics of asphalt modified with various polyethylene: Experimental and numerical characterizations

Mechanical Properties of Borosilicate Glass with Different Irradiation of Heavy Ions

Carbon nanotube-reinforced intermetallic matrix composites: processing challenges, consolidation, and mechanical properties

Study of the compositional, structural and stress evolutions induced by low-energy argon ions on chemically strengthened glass

Preparation and Oxidation Performance of a NiCoCrAlYSiHf + NiAl Composite Coating Deposited by Arc Ion Plating and Magnetron Sputtering Techniques

Hot deformation behavior of in-situ nanosized TiB2 particulate reinforced AZ91 Mg matrix composite

Investigation of Aging Induced Microstructural Changes in Doped SAC+X Solders

Asynchronous effect of N+Cr alloying on the monotonic and cyclic deformation behaviors of Hadfield steel

Explorations on the continuous oxidation kinetics of diesel PM from heavy-duty vehicles using a single ramp rate method

On the role of Sc or Er micro-alloying in the microstructure evolution of Al-Mg alloy sheets during annealing

Modeling and experiment on microstructure evolutions and mechanical properties in grade 600 MPa reinforcing steel rebar subjected to TempCore process

Investigations on Impact Toughness and Microstructure Characteristics of Gas Metal Arc Welded HY-80 Steel Plate

Texture Evolution and Dynamic Recrystallization of Zr–1Sn–0.3Nb–0.3Fe–0.1Cr Alloy During Hot Rolling

Facile Preparation of Self-Reducible Cu Nanoparticle Paste for Low Temperature Cu-Cu Bonding

Self-organized layered growth phenomena of diffusion couples with spinodal decomposition in binary alloys

A novel unified model predicting flow stress and grain size evolutions during hot working of non-uniform as-cast 42CrMo billets

Microstructure and fracture strength of silicon nitride ceramics consolidated by oscillatory pressure sintering

Microstructure evolution of cascade annealing in irradiated pure α-Zr: a molecular dynamics study

Effect of Multi-Pass Equal Channel Angular Pressing on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a Directional Solidification Mg98.5Zn0.5Y1 Alloy

Microstructure evolution and kinetics of B-site nanoparticle exsolution from an A-site-deficient perovskite surface: a phase-field modeling and simulation study.

Facile preparation of stable reactive silver ink for highly conductive and flexible electrodes

A unified internal state variable material model for Ti2AlNb-alloy and its applications in hot gas forming

Effect of Extrusion Temperature and Extrusion Ratio on Microstructure and Biodegradation Behavior of Mg-4.5Zn Binary Alloy

Microstructure and damage evolution of SiCf/PyC/SiC and SiCf/BN/SiC mini-composites: A synchrotron X-ray computed microtomography study

Effect of Zinc Content on Structural, Functional, Morphological, Resonance, Thermal and Magnetic Properties of Co1−xZnxFe2O4/PVP Nanocomposites

Tension–Compression Asymmetry of Commercially Pure Titanium: Strain Rate Sensitivity and Microstructure Evolution

Synergetic strengthening effects on copper matrix induced by Al2O3 particle revealed from micro-scale mechanical deformation and microstructure evolutions

Novel Cu-Ag composite nanoparticle paste for low temperature bonding

On the role of composition and processing parameters on the microstructure evolution of Ti-xMo alloys

VO2 microrods synthesized from V2O5 thin films

Microstructural Evolution in SAC+X Solders Subjected to Aging

Effect of aging treatment on the microstructures and mechanical properties evolution of 25Cr-20Ni austenitic stainless steel weldments with different Nb contents

On the mechanical behavior of an Al 7075 alloy deformed by asymmetrical and conventional rolling

Dynamic recrystallization behavior of GH4169G alloy during hot compressive deformation

Effects of process parameters on the mechanical properties of dissimilar thin Al welds

Hierarchical carbon nanowires network modified PDCs-SiCN with improved microwave absorption performance

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