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The contributions of extracellular matrix and sarcomere properties to passive muscle stiffness in cerebral palsy

Effect of microstructure on small fatigue crack initiation and early propagation behavior in Mg-10Gd-3Y-0.3Zr alloy

In-process evaluation of the grinding process using a new Barkhausen noise method

Measuring compartmental T2-orientational dependence in human brain white matter using a tiltable RF coil and diffusion-T2 correlation MRI

Effect of homogenization temperature and soaking time on the microstructure and corrosion properties of a twin roll casted AA3003

Effects of Raloxifene and tibial loading on bone mass and mechanics in male and female mice.

TEM Characterization of Long Term Aged Interconnect Oxide Layers from Real Stack

Microstructural evolution of an Al–Mg–Si–Mn– Fe alloy due to Ti and P addition

On the austenite stability of cryogenic Ni steels: microstructural effects: a review

Thermodynamic and microstructural analyses of photocatalytic TiO2 from the anodization of biomedical-grade Ti6Al4V in phosphoric acid or sulfuric acid

Homogenization of 7075 and 7049 Aluminium Alloys Intended for Extrusion Welding

Influence of laser powder bed fusion process conditions and resulting microstructures on the electromagnetic properties of a 16MnCr5 steel

Shielding Gas and Inclusion Content Effects on Impact Toughness and Tensile Properties of 410NiMo Steel Welds

High Rate Deposition in Cold Spray

An investigation of accelerated graphitisation kinetics to improve the machinability of an experimental medium-carbon free-machining steel

Micro-cantilever testing of microstructural effects on plastic behavior of Ti–6Al–4V alloy

Role of oxygen vacancy defects in piezoelectric thermal stability characteristics of Mn-doped (K,Na,Li)NbO3 piezoceramics

Isogeometric dynamic analysis of shells based on the nonlinear micropolar theory

Kinking facilitates grain nucleation and modifies crystallographic preferred orientations during high-stress ice deformation

Influence of substrate plate heating on the fabrication of Al-12Si produced by selective laser melting

Effects of Nb or (Nb + Mo) alloying on Charpy impact, bending, and delayed fracture properties in 1.9-GPa-grade press hardening steels

The effects of fusion reactor thermal transients on the microstructure of Eurofer-97 steel

Anisotropic Angstrom-Wide Conductive Channels in Black Phosphorus by Top-down Cu Intercalation.

Quantitative Study of Loess Microstructure At Micrometer Scale Via X-Ray Computed Tomography

Physically short and long-crack growth behavior of MIG welded Al-5.8%Mg alloy

Explanation of the PLC Effect in Advanced High-Strength Medium-Mn Steels. A Review

A Brief Review of Abrasive Wear Modelling Using a Numerical-Experimental Approach

Heterogeneity, suspension, and yielding in sparse microfibrous cellulose gels 1. Bubble rheometer studies

AMB2018-04: Benchmark Physical Property Measurements for Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing of Polyamide 12

Cleavage fracture and microstructural effects on the toughness of a medium carbon pearlitic steel for high-speed railway wheel

Investigating microstructure effects of heat-treated commercially pure titanium (cp-Ti) based on mechanistic modeling of micro milling

Gradient elasticity and dispersive wave propagation: Model motivation and length scale identification procedures in concrete and composite laminates

Investigation of Portevin-LeChatelier Bands in 5754 Aluminum Alloy under Various Strain Paths

Wear resistance of composites with Mg-Zn-RE-Zr alloy matrix and open-celled carbon foam

PSO-driven micromechanical identification of in-situ properties of fiber-reinforced composites

Enhancement of magnetic properties of hot pressed/die-upset Dy-free Nd–Fe–B magnets with Cu/Nd coating by wet process

Determination of representative volume elements for small cracks in heterogeneous, linear-elastic domains

Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells: The influence of structural and electronic effects on Pt–Sn/C electrocatalysts

The Material Characterization and Gamma Attenuation Properties of Portland Cement-Fe₃O₄ Composites for Potential Dry Cask Applications

Elevated temperature low cycle fatigue behaviour of Haynes 282 and its correlation with microstructure – Effect of ageing conditions

Mesoscopic modelling and simulation of espresso coffee extraction

Effect of heterogeneity at the fiber–matrix scale on predicted free-edge stresses for a [0°/90°]s laminated composite subjected to uniaxial tension

Fuzzy neural network analysis on gray cast iron with high tensile strength and thermal conductivity

Development of physically based liquid water schemes for Greenland firn-densification models

7 Diffusion tensor cardiovascular magnetic resonance in cardiac amyloidosis

Thermally-induced cracks and their effects on natural and industrial geomaterials

Constitutive relations and formulation of theories incorporating material microstructure

A discrete element modelling approach for fatigue damage growth in cemented materials

Working distance passive stability in laser directed energy deposition additive manufacturing

Alloyed thermoelectric PbTe-SnTe films formed via aerosol deposition.

Dose Dependence of Micro-Voids Distributions in Low-Temperature Neutron Irradiated Eurofer97 Steel

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Microstructural Effects 미세구조 효과
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