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No Or Diffuse Phase-Transition With Temperature In One-Dimensional Ising Model?

On the structure, property, and phase behaviour of the symmetric Yukawa mixtures: testing of the consistent integral equation theories

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Microscopic model of optical potential for testing the 12,14Be+p elastic scattering at 700 Mev

Diffusion of water in glass fiber reinforced polymer composites at different temperatures

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Direct observation of picosecond melting and disintegration of metallic nanoparticles

Resolving discrepancies in the estimation of heavy quark transport coefficients in relativistic heavy-ion collisions

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Mesoscopic Modeling and Rapid Simulation of Incremental Changes in Epidemic Scenarios on GPUs

Mesoscopic Modeling and Rapid Simulation of Incremental Changes in Epidemic Scenarios

Optimal guidance strategy for crowd evacuation with multiple exits: A hybrid multiscale modeling approach

Phonon gas model for thermal conductivity of dense, strongly interacting liquids

Ultra-light dark matter

Evolution of populations with strategy-dependent time delays.

Macro modelling of traffic flow using continuous timed Petri nets

Multiscale Thermodynamics: Energy, Entropy, and Symmetry from Atoms to Bulk Behavior

Topological and nematic superconductivity mediated by ferro-SU(4) fluctuations in twisted bilayer graphene

Effects of Different Shares of Electric Vehicles in Cities on Global CO2 Emissions: A Microsimulation-Based Analysis*

Vibrational Signature of Dynamic Coupling of a Strong Hydrogen Bond.

Quantum chaos and quantum randomness—paradigms of quantum entropy production

Visualizing 3D imagery by mouth using candy-like models

Large Deviations and Gradient Flows for the Brownian One-Dimensional Hard-Rod System

Signatures of Vibrational and Electronic Quantum Beats in Femtosecond Coherence Spectra

A System Optimal Speed Advisory Framework for a Network of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Optimal Feedback Control of Pedestrian Flow in Heterogeneous Corridors

New results on proton-induced reactions on vanadium for Sc47 production and the impact of level densities on theoretical cross sections

Identification of Non-Fermi Liquid Physics in a Quantum Critical Metal via Quantum Loop Topography.

Holographic boundary states and dimensionally reduced braneworld spacetimes

Improved Car-Following Model Considering Modified Backward Optimal Velocity and Velocity Difference with Backward-Looking Effect

Fourth-order exceptional points in correlated quantum many-body systems

A Study on Characteristics of Vehicular Lateral Position on Rural Highways

A Simple Method for Evaluating the Nucleon Densities of Atomic Nuclei Based on Microscopic Charge Densities

Multiscale Thermodynamics: Energy, Entropy, and Symmetry from Atoms to Bulk Behavior

Toward a microscopic model of light absorbing dissolved organic compounds in aqueous environments: theoretical and experimental study.

Наука о науке

Fluctuation-Induced Phase Separation in Metric and Topological Models of Collective Motion.

Design of the City Logistics Simulation Model Using PTV VISSIM Software

Cross section measurements of proton capture reactions on Sr isotopes for astrophysics applications

On the fundamental diagram and driving behavior modeling of heterogeneous traffic flow using UAV-based data

From Heterogeneous Microscopic Traffic Flow Models to Macroscopic Models

Odorant Binding Changes the Electrical Properties of Olfactory Receptors at the Nanoscale

Challenges of Numerical Simulation of Dynamic Wetting Phenomena: A Review

Elastoplastic Approach Based on Microscopic Insights for the Steady State and Transient Dynamics of Sheared Disordered Solids.

University students’ conceptual understanding of microscopic models of electrical and thermal conduction in solids

Economic Development and China’s Urban Haze Pollution: Based on Spatial Correlation Networks

Multivariate Analysis on Dynamic Car-Following Data of Non-lane-Based Traffic Environments

Proton capture reactions in medium-heavy nuclei relevant to p-process nucleosynthesis

Properties of Super-heavy Nuclei and Search for Element 120

Three-body interactions drive the transition to polar order in a simple flocking model.

Dynamics of fitness distributions in the presence of a phenotypic optimum: an integro-differential approach *

Surface reaction-diffusion kinetics on lattice at the microscopic scale.

Influence of nuclear physics inputs and astrophysical conditions on r-process

Universal Dynamics of Stochastically Driven Quantum Impurities.

Estimation of Traffic Demand Corresponding to Observed Link Traffic Volume in Microscopic Simulation

Evolution of populations with strategy-dependent time delays

Dynamic multivalent interactions of intrinsically disordered proteins.

Modeling of PEM Fuel Cell Catalyst Layers: Status and Outlook

A new strategy to microscopic modeling of topological entanglement in polymers based on field theory

Nanoscale magnetometry with a single spin in diamond at cryogenic temperatures

SU(4) topological resonating valence bond spin liquid on the square lattice

Co-production of light and heavy $r$-process elements via fission deposition

Optoelectronic device simulations based on macroscopic Maxwell-Bloch equations

A microscopic view of the Fourier law

Impacts of connected vehicles in a complex, congested urban freeway setting using multi-resolution modeling methods

Entropy Criteria for Corpuscular Wave Interactions

A review of thixotropy and its rheological modeling

Theory of photo-ionization defects in nano-porous SiC alloys

Reference database for photon strength functions

α clustering from the quartet model

Facile preparation of HNT/PVOH aerogels and the construction of PVOH-assisted HNT three-dimensional network

An asymptotic preserving scheme for kinetic chemotaxis models in two space dimensions

High-Resolution Positivity and Asymptotic Preserving Numerical Methods for Chemotaxis and Related Models

Control of Platooned Vehicles in Presence of Traffic Shock Waves

Mean-field models in swarm robotics: A survey.

NMR and computational methods for molecular resolution of allosteric pathways in enzyme complexes

A Case Study for Surrogate Safety Assessment Model in Predicting Real-Life Conflicts

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Microscopic Models 현미경 모델

Microscopic Models 현미경 모델
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