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Carbon Nanodots Derived from Kitchen Waste Biomass as a Growth Accelerator for Fenugreek Plant.

Effect of Boron on Nutritional Quality of Groundnut Grown in Coastal Sandy Soils

Synthesis of a Dual-Functional Nanofertilizer by Embedding ZnO and CuO Nanoparticles on an Alginate-Based Hydrogel

Micronutrient uptake in wheat as affected by long term zero tillage and different moisture regimes in legume based cropping systems of north-western Indo-gangetic plains

Assessing Yield Response and Relationship of Soil Boron Fractions with Its Accumulation in Sorghum and Cowpea under Boron Fertilization in Different Soil Series

Waste to resource: use of water treatment residual for increased maize productivity and micronutrient content

Glut-1 explains the evolutionary advantage of the loss of endogenous vitamin C-synthesis

Lead Phytostabilization and Cationic Micronutrient Uptake by Maize as Influenced by Pb Levels and Application of Low Molecular Weight Organic Acids

New environmentally friendly bio-based micronutrient fertilizer by biosorption: From laboratory studies to the field.

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Micronutrient Uptake 미량 영양소 섭취

Micronutrient Uptake 미량 영양소 섭취
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