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Connection between Nutrient Content and Resistance to Selected Pests Analyzed in Brassicaceae Hybrids

Comparative Genomic Analysis of Quantitative Trait Loci Associated With Micronutrient Contents, Grain Quality, and Agronomic Traits in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Assessing the impact of soil erosion on plant vigor (NDVI) and the spatial patterns of soil-bound Cu, Zn and B micro- and N, P macronutrients in a sloping vineyard (Tokaj, Hungary)

Growth performance and nutritional quality of selected vegetables in response to organic and inorganic fertilizers under low and high irradiance

Micronutrients prediction via pXRF spectrometry in Brazil: Influence of weathering degree

Farm manure and bentonite clay amendments enhance the date palm morphology and yield

Inoculation with isolates of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi influences growth, nutrient use efficiency and gas exchange traits in micropropagated apple rootstock ‘Marubakaido’

Mineral Fertilizers Improves the Quality of Turmeric and Soil

Distribution of nickel (Ni) in peatland situated alongside mineral soil derived from ultrabasic rocks

Initial development of Dipteryx alata Vog consortium with cover plants

Low doses of glyphosate can affect the nutrient composition of common beans depending on the sowing season.

Changes in anti-nutrient, phytochemical, and micronutrient contents of different processed rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) seed meals

A novel deodorization method of edible oil by using ethanol steam at low temperature.

Effects of Phosphorus Ensembled Nanomaterials on Nutrient Uptake and Distribution in Glycine max L. under Simulated Precipitation

Energy and nutrient content of weight-loss diets published in high-circulation newspapers

Características nutricionais do solo e das folhas no cultivo de Plectranthus amboinicus (Lour.) Spreng

Nitrogen uptake by ornamental bromeliad: leaf and root efficiency

Alterations of chemical attributes in soils under different years of Vitis vinífera L. cultivation

Nutritional Evaluation of Millet Plants Grown in Soils Fertilized With Organic Wastes From Different Sources

Chemical characteristics of soil cultivated with vine and submitted to nitrogen and organic fertilization at the semiarid of the Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil

Effect of differing amounts of zinc oxide supplementation on the antioxidant status and zinc metabolism in newborn dairy calves

Investigation of yield, yield components and nutrient contents of wild rocket (Diplotaxis tenuifolia (L.) DC.)

Inadequacy of nutrients and contaminants found in porridge‐type complementary foods in Rwanda


Avaliação do desempenho agronômico da araruta (Maranta arundinacea) ‘Seta’ consorciada com crotalária

Nitrogen Doses and Humic Substances in Custard Apple Nutrition

Processing Technology of Rice Bran Oil

Effects of selenium (Se) application and arbuscular mycorrhizal (AMF) inoculation on soybean (Glycine max) and forage grass (Urochloa decumbens) development in oxisol

Production of nutrient‐enhanced millet‐based composite flour using skimmed milk powder and vegetables

Conventional and Molecular Breeding Approaches for Biofortification of Pearl Millet

Potential Use of Eucalyptus Seedling in Recycling of Fish Farming Wastewater in Agriculture

Mapping Nutrients Content in a Nematode-Infected Coffee Plantation by Empirical Models Derived from RapidEye Image


Nutritional status of three sugarcane varieties grown in the northeast region of Brazil

Inadequacy of Nutrients, Contaminants, and Label Claims Found in Porridge-type Complementary Foods in Rwanda (P10-042-19).

Nutritional evaluation of Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandu cultivated in soils developed from basalt and sandstone in the state of Paraná

Evaluation of the Recipe Function in Popular Dietary Smartphone Applications, with Emphasize on Features Relevant for Nutrition Assessment in Large-Scale Studies

Effects of Irrigation with Treated Wastewater or Well Water on the Nutrient Contents of Two Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa L.) Cultivars in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Quality Characteristics of Breads Produced from Millet-African Bread Fruit Composite Flours

Physic Nut Seed Cake Methanation and Chemical Characterization of Anaerobic Bio-digested Substrate

Nutritional and medicinal properties of underexploited legume trees from West Africa

Residual Effect of Gypsum and Phosphate Fertilization on the Second Corn Crop

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Micronutrient Contents 미량 영양소 함량

Micronutrient Contents 미량 영양소 함량
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