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Micronutrient Concentrations sentence examples within Leaf Micronutrient Concentrations

Filter Cake as a Long-Standing Source of Micronutrients for Sugarcane

In addition to foliar manganese concentration, both iron and zinc provide proxies for rhizosheath carboxylates in chickpea under low phosphorus supply

Micronutrient Concentrations sentence examples within Grain Micronutrient Concentrations

Bacterial Endophytes of Spring Wheat Grains and the Potential to Acquire Fe, Cu, and Zn under Their Low Soil Bioavailability

The nutritional quality of cereals varies geospatially in Ethiopia and Malawi

Micronutrient Concentrations sentence examples within Mineral Micronutrient Concentrations

Effect of irrigation, fertiliser type and variety on grain yield and nutritional quality of spelt wheat (Triticum spelta) grown under semi-arid conditions.

Biofortification of field-grown cassava by engineering expression of an iron transporter and ferritin

Micronutrient Concentrations sentence examples within Available Micronutrient Concentrations

Aridity and reduced soil micronutrient availability in global drylands

Closing the cycle for the cut rose industry by the reuse of its organic wastes: A case study in Ecuador

Micronutrient Concentrations sentence examples within Serum Micronutrient Concentrations

Association Between Micronutrient Concentrations and Human Epididymis Protein 4

Improved micronutrient status and health outcomes in low- and middle-income countries following large-scale fortification: evidence from a systematic review and meta-analysis

Differences in Micronutrient Intakes of Exclusive and Partially Breastfed Indonesian Infants from Resource-Poor Households are Not Accompanied by Differences in Micronutrient Status, Morbidity, or Growth

Effect of land-use change along altitudinal gradients on soil micronutrients in the mountain ecosystem of Indian (Eastern) Himalaya

Changes of Cadmium Storage Forms and Isotope Ratios in Rice During Grain Filling

Investigating the impact of light quality on macromolecular of Chaetoceros muelleri.

Sampling stage and plant part sampled to determine micronutrient sufficiency in field and horticultural crops

Spatial Patterns and Drivers of Soil Chemical Properties in a Typical Hickory Plantation

Micronutrient deficiencies in critical illness.

Organic fertilization and crop load in yield and quality of organic nectarines in Italy

Forecasting a 2-methylisoborneol outbreak in a brackish lake

Micronutrients Concentrations in Leaves of Oil Palm Trees Fertilized with Phosphorus, Potassium, and Magnesium

Önemli Tıbbi Bitkilerden Biri Olan Achillea millefolium L. (Civanperçemi) Bitkisinin Besin Elementi Konsantrasyonları ve Antioksidan Aktivitesi

Simultaneous Treatment of Different Gibberellic Acid Doses InducesIon Accumulation and Response Mechanisms to Salt Damage in MaizeRoots

Effect of cadmium on nutrients concentration in duckweed: a case of Lemna minor and Lemna gibba

Genome-Wide Association Study for Grain Micronutrient Concentrations in Wheat Advanced Lines Derived From Wild Emmer

Potential nutrient-response curves and sufficiency ranges of ‘Grande Naine’ banana cultivated in two environment

Ecophysiological Performance of Proteaceae Species From Southern South America Growing on Substrates Derived From Young Volcanic Materials

Corn Era Hybrid Nutrient Concentration and Accumulation of Secondary and Micronutrients

Compost Tea Quality and Fertility

Relationships between soil, forage, and grazing parameter effects on weed incidence in Missouri pastures

Managing fertility with animal waste to promote arthropod pest suppression

Recent Trends in Enhancing the Resistance of Cultivated Plants to Heavy Metal Stress by Transgenesis and Transcriptional Programming

Cluster Analysis of Micronutrients in Raw and Minimally Processed Plant Foods (P24-049-19).

Bentonite and Biochar Mitigate Pb Toxicity in Pisum sativum by Reducing Plant Oxidative Stress and Pb Translocation

Producing cadmium-free Indica rice by overexpressing OsHMA3.

Potential of Solanum viarum Dunal in use for phytoremediation of heavy metals to mining areas, southern Brazil

Aplicación del modelo simplificado para estimar dosis sustentables de fertilización fosforada en el cultivo de chile habanero (Capsicum chinense Jacq.)

Response of physalis (Physalis peruviana L.) to liming in acidic soils

Concurrent Micronutrient Deficiencies Are Low and Micronutrient Status Is Not Related to Common Health Indicators in Ghanaian Women Expecting to Become Pregnant

The Effects of Psychological and Environmental Stress on Micronutrient Concentrations in the Body: A Review of the Evidence.

Scavenging effect of oxidized biochar against the phytotoxicity of lead ions on hydroponically grown chicory: An anatomical and ultrastructural investigation.

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Micronutrient Concentrations 미량 영양소 농도

Micronutrient Concentrations 미량 영양소 농도
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