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Assessment of Dietary Intake and Nutrient Gaps, and Development of Food-Based Recommendations, among Pregnant and Lactating Women in Zinder, Niger: An Optifood Linear Programming Analysis

Pre-pregnancy dietary micronutrient adequacy is associated with lower risk of developing gestational diabetes in Australian women.

Micronutrient Adequacy sentence examples within micronutrient adequacy among

Diet Quality and Micronutrient Intake among Long-Term Weight Loss Maintainers

Determinants of dietary adequacy among school age children in Guraghe Zone, Southern Ethiopia

Current and potential role of grain legumes on protein and micronutrient adequacy of the diet of rural Ghanaian infants and young children: using linear programming

Exploring agrobiodiversity for nutrition: Household on-farm agrobiodiversity is associated with improved quality of diet of young children in Vihiga, Kenya

Minimum dietary diversity among women of reproductive age in urban Burkina Faso

Poor dietary diversity and low adequacy of micronutrient intakes among rural Indonesian lactating women from Sumedang district, West Java

Children’s Dietary Quality and Micronutrient Adequacy by Food Security in the Household and among Household Children

The Relationship Between Dietary Diversity Among Women of Reproductive Age and Agricultural Diversity in Rural Tanzania

The Minimum Dietary Diversity for Women of Reproductive Age (MDD-W) Indicator Is Related to Household Food Insecurity and Farm Production Diversity: Evidence from Rural Mali

Association of Added Sugars Intake with Micronutrient Adequacy in US Children and Adolescents: NHANES 2009–2014

Harvesting nutrition : Grain legumes and nutritious diets in sub-Saharan Africa

Food intake among smallholder cassava value chain households

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Micronutrient Adequacy 미량 영양소 적절성

Micronutrient Adequacy 미량 영양소 적절성
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